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What exactly is it that causes bloating after eating wheat?

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  • What exactly is it that causes bloating after eating wheat?

    I'm trying to get the grains out and the other day I ate some bread after not eating it for about 5 days. The bloating was almost immediate, I looked pregnant.
    I know that wheat is not good for us, but I'm curious as to WHY it causes such bloating.

    (I also had some very erm..interesting...GI side effects for about 24 hours after eating the stuff...what's that about?)
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    1)You get inflammation in the area of your organs of digestion.

    2)In situations where you don't also ingest veggies with the grains, you provide fuel for sulfur-generating bacteria in your small intestine. Feeding them causes a bloat because they multiply and the methanogens (Methane producing bacteria) don't get fed because you aren't ingesting vegetables. This causes indigestion and can also be seen in the farts you lay. When you are eating high in veggies and low in grain you get cow-like methane smelling gas while eating grains or too much meat without veggies will cause you to get those sulfur smelling farts that make the perfect dutch oven. This is also why you get a case of the grumblies for a day or 2 after.

    If you eat grains with veggies the bloat tends to not be so bad, but you will still get a bloat.

    This is theoretical of course, but it seems to hold true most if not all of the time. It is also based on pretty sound science.
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      So is the inflammation caused by an allergic reaction or something similar? Like the body is saying 'you've just eaten a toxin' and so it starts some inflammatory process? (as is obvious, I dn't understand the mechanism of this at all, all I know is that my body does NOT like me to eat wheat).

      When I ate it the other day I had the bread but I did have a big salad with it oo, so I was saved from the cow farts, but let's jsut say I did have other issues at that end..


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        For you it could be an allergy. IMO, most people have a problem with any grain as they contain prolamines. People with celiac disease are not allergic to gluten, humans in general have a problem with prolamines. Prolamines are proteins that have an odd shape that get wedged in between the tight junctions in your intestinal wall and allow large foodstuffs to enter your bloodstream. The inflammation comes from this, not necessarily an allergic reaction. And yes, you read correctly, all grains contain prolamines, not just wheat. Robb Wolf does a good job of explaining it far better than I ever could in this presentation...

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