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too soon for fasting?

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  • too soon for fasting?

    Just went primal about a month ago, how soon is too soon to start intermittent fasting?

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    That's going to vary from person to person. Try it. Eat dinner and then don't eat again the next day until you're truly hungry. You'll gradually be able to increase the time. If you get low on energy, light headed, or are just feeling 'off', then eat.
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      IF lasts for many different lengths of time. How much are you wanting to do? Either way, it's varies between each person. I eat in the morning and at night. I don't consider that fasting because I'm not hungry at all during those hours.


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        I've been primal for around 7 months now, started IF after one month, it's been getting easier the entire time. Start small, skipping one meal once or twice a week, then try skipping two meals, after a week or two of that, try a 24 hour fast, then another. That's kind of how I did it and it's worked well. I just started a leangains style 16/8 schedule three days ago, it's been a rough start but I'm confident that I'll get it fine tuned in a few more days.


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          My recommendation for fasting is if you want to try it, try to start your day without food. I find that on days when I eat breakfast then try to fast... I have a much harder time lasting than if I would have just had a coffee and walked out the door. Maybe this would help you too. Like others have said, eat dinner, go to bed then try to last as long as you can the next day. Remember it's not supposed to be stressful, so don't spend your whole afternoon dreaming about food. Eat when you feel hungry. You may be surprised how long you can last without your blood sugar going wild!
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            Make sure and have some emergency rations in case you find yourself really hungry and surrounded by baked goods and without primal options.

            i.e. trail mix, fruit, sardines, etc.
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              I second the above.

              I used to fast... when I worked at home and only had healthy food around me.

              I tried it again when I got an office job.

              The company owners are pretty awesome and always have us stocked up on Oreos, cakes and candy. In my fasted state I was unprepared for that kind of temptation. Sometime, even though you know the initial hunger will go away, your inside voice tells you that if you do not eat that piece of cake right now you could literally die of starvation.

              Now I have an egg and an apple in the fridge and I swear, just knowing that they are there prevents me from eating the cake.


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                Eh, try it and see how it goes. Unless you do it way to long, it's not going to kill you.

                (When I read through the threads, I read the a in fasting as an i, and was kinda thinking that it's going to be hard to answer than question.)
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                  Yes, agree that if you decide to IF you need to have a good primal pantry and habits etc.


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                    I have been Primal since February 20th 2012 (just over a month) and I have IF 3 or 4 times. I find it easiest to skip lunch at the office. I don't have planned days for IF just I let the availability of lunch food in the house dictate whether or not I take lunch (it happens once in a while I run out of lunch supplies). It keeps it random enough.

                    I believe once I had only one meal that day which was dinner.