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How long do grains stick around?

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  • How long do grains stick around?

    Hi there-

    I seem to recall Mark saying that the effect of eating grains lingers for a number of hours, but I can't find the post or remember it exactly. Does anyone remember this? I am wondering because I ate some flour tortillas yesterday, and today I am feeling carb-fluish. How long will it take to get out of my system? Thanks for the input!

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    It's effects can last for weeks.
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      hha apparently 3-4 months... but I think most of the effects are toned down in a matter of weeks.

      How Long To Get Gluten Out Of The Body? | TrulyGlutenFree

      The half life for gluten antibodies is typically 3-4 months. Thus is would take at least that long for gluten to be purged from the system. This also depends on other factors, such as:

      1. The health of the individual – for example, if a person has gluten induced liver or kidney disease (a common manifestation of gluten induced damage) the purging process would most likely take longer.

      2. The presence of trace gluten in the diet. Even small amounts can perpetuate the production of gluten antibodies and inflammation.

      3. Dehydration – many people are chronically dehydrated. Reduced water volume will lead to reduced detoxification capabilities and reduced gluten clearance time.

      4. Constipation – reduces gut transit time. The bowels should move 1-2 times per day. Gluten commonly causes gastroparesis and constipation. To effectively remove gluten from the body, one needs to promote a healthy bowel movement. Increasing fresh fruit and vegetable is the most effective way to do this.

      Supplements to speed up this process – Max digest, helps break down gluten peptides and aids in the health digestion of macronutrients. UltraImmune IgG helps remove toxic peptides from the gut lining and reduces immune stress. Biotic Defense – helps to recolonize the normal bacterial flora
      Primal since March 2011

      Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs


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        Oh, how awful! Thanks for the info though... =)