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Eating before bed?

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  • Eating before bed?

    Somebody posted this on the forum:

    "If you choose to eat within 4 hours of sleep you will never see the prolactin surge you need, because any spike in insulin turns off this critical sleep time release that corresponds to the cellular maximums of the autophagic process for humans. Something also happens. Agouti, the incretin gut hormone also rises in the blood to higher than normal levels to block leptin from entering the brain. Diurnal cycles for agouti are coupled to NPY and have major affects on leptin. Agouti is a gene product that normally increases the release of leptin from fat cells at night to signal the brain of what the energy status is of the body. This is great when it is working well. When it is elevated due to heavy carbohydrate use in our diet it creates a massive problem. This is why late night carbohydrate snacking is a real bad thing to do."

    What do you think about this? Personally I hope it's not a problem to eat right before bed because I like to eat as little as possible during the day so I can look forward to all the food I'm going to eat at night. Also I like to go to sleep with a filled tummy .

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    I eat right before bed all the time. No problems here.


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      I often eat about 2 hours before bedtime, in a meal that includes plenty of carbohydrate. Works well for me. High fat meals in the evening are more liable to disrupt my sleep.

      'Agouti' indicates a study conducted on mice. Perhaps I'm different from a mouse. Perhaps I'm also different from an average human. Who knows?
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        I conk out well before I've reached the 4 hour mark. What's up with all these experts who think everybody can (or wants to) stay up past 10pm? Some of us really like to sleep.
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          This is what Mark says~

          The Myth: Eating after 8 p.m. prompts weight gain.

          The Truth: No need to feel bad about those late night snacks! In reality, your body has no idea what the clock reads, so you’re ability to metabolize food will be no different whether you’re sitting down for dinner at 6 p.m. or 10 p.m. What is more important when dining late at night, however, is to eat healthy foods – including lean meats, healthy fats, and plenty of veggies – both to ease digestion and best fuel your body for restorative sleep!

          Read more: Top 10 Wackiest Health Myths | Mark's Daily Apple


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            I don't digest food if I eat within 4 hours of bed time. It proves true every time I do it. I go to sleep with a heavy stomach and wake up with undigested "Egg/Sulpher" burps *Yuck!!*


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              See that's the thing about the science behind all this. It ... ZZZZZZ....zzzzzzzzzzz....
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                I don't think it aids in weight gain, but for me, it's unpleasant. If I switched me eating time to before bed, there'd be an adjustment period and then it would be normal.