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    Originally posted by paleo-bunny View Post
    I expect that eskimos adapted to low carb genetically and epigenetically over the course of many generations. If they were forced to adapt to a short sharp shock, then only a handful of children - those who happened to have genes confering a survival advantage -would have survived, causing a permanent shift in the local gene pool.
    I think Steffansen's accounts tell us pretty well that people in general can adapt to survive just fine on zero-carb diets. I just don't think it's optimal for everybody, and definitely unnecessary for any non-Inuits.
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      Just like adults, children do NOT need grains but they do well with plenty of carbs. Fruit and tubers are fine. Some rice is OK too, I feed it to my kids, but don't let it be a crutch, as it is the safest grain but it's not completely benign (arsenic, etc.)

      Paleo bunny, my research indicates that adults, at least, do just fine if suddenly put on a Inuit-type diet. I just wrote a paper for school with some of this information. Here's a start: The Inuit Paradox | Nutrition | DISCOVER Magazine