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Cholesterol numbers up a little

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  • Cholesterol numbers up a little

    Just received blood test results and they are up a bit on last years results. It is a little concerning that my HDL went down a little, and the LDL rose a little, but at least the Triglycerides stayed the same, quite low.
    Have been eating the animal fats and coconut oils, butter, but haven't yet cut out all grains (eat the occasional slice of bread), and drink oodles of raw milk. So maybe it is time to cut back on the lovely creamy Jersey milk.
    Asked for the breakdown on the LDL (big and fluffy or small and dense) and no one over here in Australia knew what I was talking about. So hoping they are big and fluffy.

    Total Cholesterol 6.5 (251.35)
    HDL 1.95 (75.4
    LDL 4.31 (166.66)
    TRI 0.5 (44.28)
    Total/HDL ratio 3.3

    Total Cholesterol 8.4 (324.82)
    HDL 1.87 (72.31)
    LDL 5.22 (201.85)
    TRI 0.5 (44.28)
    Total/HDL ratio 4.5

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    You're getting into the range of total cholesterol where you might want to start thinking of why it's so high. It could be familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). Or it could be hypothyroidism. Check out this podcast:

    6: ‘All Things Lipids (Cholesterol 101)’ | Chris Masterjohn | Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts

    Starting around 1:07:00, Chris Masterjohn talks about a case of a guy who had high TC and it turns out it was being caused by hypothyroidism.

    I'd get a full thyroid panel (TSH, T3, reverse T3, T4) next time you get labs done. If that comes back normal, get screened for FH.


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      Yes, I have been thinking about what I can do to lower it, and will try cutting out most of the milk I drink. It is raw, and looks like 20% cream (or more). Once before I tried Atkins, and went right up to 11 total cholesterol (425.36736 mg/dl), the doctor nearly had a fit, but I had been using heaps of cream (the horrible thickened, non sweetened type) in my coffee. Cut the cream out and got my cholesterol back down to around 5 (193.3488 mg/dl). Will also get a bit more exercise for fitness. I have two to three kilos I could lose and it might help there also.