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Staying alert (primal tricks)?

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  • Staying alert (primal tricks)?

    Hi, how can I study effectively all day long, does anyone have any tips? (I've got a year to study for something very important.)

    I'm mostly concerned with keeping my mind alert and fresh so that I can take in new knowledge properly when I study. Are there any things that work for you related to primal lifestyle habits, snacks, meals, fasting, time management, random random etc?

    Anything at all will be much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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    It's kind of taboo for most college students, but I myself prefer to do my studying and homework in the morning. I wake up have some many cups of green tea and get all jacked up on caffeine and sometimes nootropics when i really need them and hit the books on an empty stomach for a few hours.

    That's just me though. My mind is the most fresh in the morning. maybe yours is too? Also going to sleep at a decent time is huge for retaining what you've learned.


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      If you have a whole year make sure you have portioned your work into at least monthly pieces. It will be most important to recognize your particular nuances to learning. Some are more visual, auditory, experience....ext. I would say if you really wanna make sure you know the shit make a lecture for each week to month of it. I.E. take what your learning and pretend you will be presenting it to others. Then actually perform the lecture to yourself in a room or to family and friends...whatever. I never did this in school, but have done it many times since and teaching something leads to a depth of owning the material that you really cant achieve in any other manner other than through application possibly.

      Extras: Break it into digestible pieces....leave yourself time to exercise, relax, sleep, and entertainment (when I was in college we called it work hard or party hard )....consider making some important bits into lectures....find your groove of how you learn best.....Last resort, cram your ass off for the last few months. Sorry none of this was very primal, but I doubt that we have any evolutionary flight or fight responses to a years worth of study
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