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Is it okay to eat only butter?

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  • Is it okay to eat only butter?

    I love eating butter all by itself. So far, I've only done it in small quantities. But how much can I actually eat of it?

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    When I ate dairy I used to do the same, after a certain point I feel satisfied. I've never had any ill affects from it. If its quality butter I see no problem.


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      not the wal mart kind with no salt added?


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        I do it all the time. I used to use bread as a delivery device. Now I skip the bread. How much would you have spread on your toast pre-primal?? That would be a reasonable amount without any ill effects.
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          Mmmm, a slice of Kerrygold. Too bad I'm not hungry right now.
          In terms of amount, I would look at the amount of calories you usually eat in a meal or snack, whichever one you are looking to have, and not eat more than that amount of calories. Not because I think there is a magic amount of calories one should consume at a meal, but because butter is so calorically dense, that it might be easy to over-do quickly. But, you should savor your butter, not just gulp it down. I mean, what's the point otherwise?
          Also, have you seen Batty's Blueberry Butter Balls recipe? Divine.


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            Sure.....long as its good butter all it is is churned cream. Have at it.


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              I have a bite or two from time to time. It gets old fast if you try to eat a lot of it.
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                My 5 year old daughter asks for butter slices all the time. It fills me with glee. All the deliciousness, but none of the problems of cheese. I tried those blueberry butter balls once, and yeah, they were awesome. I even ended up chilling some of them and dipping them in dark chocolate. They melt readily in your fingers, so you need a fork, but they're just awesome blueberry truffles.