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  • Laura's Lean Ground Beef

    I was wondering if anyone has used or knew anything about this brand of meat...It has no added antibiotics or hormones and is 100% veggie fed...I even went so far as to email them what that meant, in the reply they stated that the cattle are mostly fed grass but due to weather cycles they are fed SOME grain. So not 100% clear but the ground beef is 92/8 lean and was curious if anyone had thoughts on the quality of this. I can get a 3 lb pack at Sams at about $4.25/lb, so I had to jump on it and purchase.

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    "Some grain" can mean many different things. Sometimes small farmers have to supplement with grain during the cold months or their cattle will die. To me, that's a necessary evil. Sometimes "some grain" means they're fed grass their entire lives except for the last 3 weeks before they're slaughtered. If that's the case, being "grassfed" was basically worthless.


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      I see it on quicksale all the time, it sure has an outrageous price. I have never tried it, but I am curious.


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        This site seems to have done a little background check into it:
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        I think the main goal of Laura's is to try to raise a hormone and anti-biotic free animal, that is still quite lean while somewhat palatable and tasty. The link above uncovers that they feed their cattle grains that are not GMO (for what its worth), but the focus on lean meat indicates that for the most part, the cattle is grassfed. I'd say that while it isn't optimal, still seems like a pretty good non-local source for meat, especially given the price you mentioned.


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          It's still better than CAFO meat, but isn't nearly as good as grass-fed. It's like the grey area.
          For $4.25/lbs its a steal though. I would buy it and use it.
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