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I just ate THREE whole sweet potatoes!!!

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  • I just ate THREE whole sweet potatoes!!!

    I haven't eaten any "real" carbs all week except for salad most days.i decided to slice up some sweet potatoes and roast them this morning to give myself a little treat. I had about 10 ounces of leftover steak in the fridge. This was to be my "breakfast".

    Well....I served myself the steak and a healthy portion of potatoes. After my plate was empty I went back and crushed the rest of the potatoes. THREE fairly large potatoes in all.

    My question is: Was this extremely gluttonous or can I justify this as some sort of reload day.

    Has anybody else ever snapped like this?? I'm pretty full right now...but they were absolutely delicious!!!

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    And look, you lived to tell about it.

    I did this every day, sans the steak, about 2 weeks ago FOR a week.

    All I WANTED was the sweet potatoes. And lookie, I'm still alive too.

    You can just chalk it up to "I Ate Real Food And There's Nothing Wrong With That", and
    go on with your life.

    Good job, Spinman.



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      Why do you have to justify it at all? That is neither a healthy mentality nor a healthy relationship with food. From the sounds of it, you've been doing VLC and your body probably just wanted some glucose. Nothing wrong with that. You thoroughly enjoyed your meal. That's great. Food should be enjoyed, not be used as a tool for self-flagellation. You ate three sweet potatoes- so what? That's real, healthy food that your body was probably begging you to eat. It's not like you ate three dozen donuts or anything. And even if you did eat the donuts, just enjoy them and move on. No need to torture yourself afterwards.

      Probably if you incorporated some sweet potatoes a few times a week, you wouldn't feel the need to "binge" on three at once. Enjoy real food, guilt free. Then go and move around some.
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        you might retain a bit of water if you're not used to eating carbs. you might also suddenly explode from insulin fear. batten down the hatches.


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          Originally posted by jakey View Post
          you might retain a bit of water if you're not used to eating carbs. you might also suddenly explode from insulin fear. batten down the hatches.
          True about the water retention, but trust me, it goes away.

          It's technically not summer yet either and according to some crazy members here, unless you eat carbs only in summer, carbs will literally kill you.


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            If you were stuffing your face for the sake of stuffing your face - bad.

            If you were eating because your body was telling you to eat - great!
            Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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              Thanks everyone...this was the first time since I went primal that I sort of snapped. I think it was a clear sign that my body was craving more carbs. I am going to listen to my body better and not be so restrictive.


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                Sweet potatoes are healthy and nutritious, I eat them nearly every day. Why would you think they're in anyway bad?
                The kitavans basically live on them. Whole Health Source: The Kitavans: Wisdom from the Pacific Islands


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                  Well golly, if a Kitavan stuck it's dick in a termite's nest it must be cool!


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                    Kitavan? Are we still making that comparison? Gluttonous!! That's my vote.


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                      As far as cheating goes, I think you could have done way worse; I know I have. Sweet potatoes are nutritious, at least, and it's probably your body just telling you what it needs. I really would not feel terrible at all about it, although you probably do, because the mental barrier of "cheating" does make one feel bad whether or not it actually is bad.
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                        The thing with that is even if it wasn't a good idea, and I tbh I don't see the problem with it, you would eventually get bored of it. I get obsessed with certain foods every now again and as long as they are primal I'll let myself eat them every day for a week because I know in a week or two I'll get over it.