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    Hey there everyone!

    I'm just getting into the Paleo/Primal thing and have a few questions. I am currently 210lbs at 6'4 and 23 years old. I can't tell you Body Fat % because I can't find a tape measure in my house... But I've definitely got some belly on me. I've come to Paleo from a long low-carbish background, (atkins, sugar busters, south beach) all of which worked to some extent or another and I managed to drop 100 lbs over a 4 year period (20-30lbs of that were probably muscle mass from after quitting football).

    I was stuck in a rut and had been about 220 for over 4 months even though I thought I was eating well and was working out 5-6 days a week. I decided to see if Paleo could bust me out of the slump. It did and I've dropped 10lbs in the past month. I've read Robb's Paleo Solution book and Mark's Primal Blueprint. So I'm really excited about keeping things going, but I've got a few questions if y'all could help me out!

    1. I ordered some fish oil ( ... B0000DJAQU) and didn't read the ingredient list very carefully. Each softgel contains 360mg EPA, 240mg DHA, and 120 mg of "Other Omega-3." Soy is listed on the ingredient list so I'm assuming that is the "other." I know you don't want soy ideally but is that a major enough problem that I should throw it out, or just avoid buying it in the future?

    2. I've mainly been focusing on weight loss, but would like to start doing some more muscle building type stuff for both strength and aesthetic reasons. I played football for 6 years and always took whey protein post-workout and felt that the results were good. Is this problematic? I don't want to mess up my weight loss as I still lack quite a bit before I get to where I want to be, but if I could start building muscle mass as I continue to lose fat that would seem to be more efficient.

    3. Primal seems to advocate working out less as opposed to more. I am definitely on board with the shorter, more intense workouts (20-30minutes usually), but I do normally like to workout 4-5 times a week. However, this last month where most of my weight loss was taking place I was only working out 2-3 times per week. I don't know if that was playing a role or if it was my switch to a stricer more Paleoy (no dairy except grain fed butter) and greater control of portion sizes. Once again I don't want to mess up the weight loss, but would like to start building strength. Would something like 2 sprint workouts, 2 body weight circuits, and a day of free weights be too much? I would do sprints Tuesday/Thursday as sort of an active rest day for the workouts.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!

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    I suggest reading the book and giving it a try and see what your results are.


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      1. I don't think the amount of soy in one capsule will matter. But someone who knows more may pop in.

      2. I use whey protein but, again, I am not an expert. You might try the fitness forum.

      3. Working out 4-5 times a week is fine if you are getting recovery between. But you could do fine on fewer.
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