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Serious Stomach Pains

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  • Serious Stomach Pains

    As you all may have read in the past, I shared that I have done very low carb for a while and am looking into integrating some carbs back into my diet to break a weight loss plateau and help me prepare for a marathon.

    I tried to have a heavier carb day today, and I had SEVERE stomach pains after lunch. I had Two bananas and a plum for breakfast, and I went to a vegan place for lunch which makes salads with sweet potato, quinoa, turnip and salad greens. After this lunch I was keeled over in pain... I thought I was going to get sick. I am starting to get worried that I am really messing with my body with my dietary changes, because I am constantly getting sick to my stomach or even having allergic reactions whenever I try to reintegrate things back into my diet. Is this a normal reaction at all?? What could I be doing that is making my body react like this to food?
    An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!

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    Walnuts and almonds do that to me now. Before primal they were fine for me to eat.

    Occasionally now I'll have a meal from somewhere I don't usually eat and I get that intense pain. They must have used an ingredient that is high in histamine which causes the allergic reaction. Without grains to offset the histamine (grains have anti hostamine in them) the pain is intense. You just need to find the ingredients that trigger you and avoid them.


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      you're not going to suddenly lose your ability to process glucose, if you're not already suffering from metabolic syndrome. and since you had two bananas and a plum for breakfast, i don't think you can say it was the carbs... i don't know what made you sick, but that sounds pretty terrible!


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        Blaaaahhh I never had this issue with food before! My body is becoming a diva and rejecting anything that isn't perfect. This sucks.
        An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!


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          and no I don't think it was the fruit because I felt fine after it... it was definitely the salad. Maybe the quinoa?
          An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!


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            Hey there, hi from Montreal!

            I can defenetly say for sure that it must be the quinoa, I have the exact same reaction when I eat it.
            Was it some sort of a burning kind of sensation in the stomach? along with lethatgy?

            Quinoa contains saponins wich can cause a huge immune reaction in some poeple, much much greater than gluten.
            Make a test and eat a little quinoa with nothing else and see if it comes back.


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              I did the same thing after eating fruit recently - mango, specifically. The higher fructose foods kill me. Dammit - I LOVE the juicy fruits that are so great during summer.....

              Hope it turns out to be the quinoa instead for your sake!
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