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  • Stepping it up?

    Hi all,

    So I have just finished my first 30 days of strict primal/paleo eating. No dairy (except for ghee), no wheat/gluten, no chocolate/processed sugars, caffeine, etc. I kept a log, and can put up a week or so if that will help with my question. I do tend to eat a fair amount of fruit and nuts.

    Generally speaking, I feel pretty good, mentally and physically. I have a 9 AM class everyday, I'm up at six to take the dog out, and last week I was able to bike to school (10 km or so) 3/4 days, and bike home once. During my morning classes, I am usually the only one awake and alert enough to actually respond to the teacher, and this particular class is my most challenging class, since it is in French.

    My sleep isn't where I want it to be, but I'm working on it, and don't feel guilty for taking naps.

    As far as other work-outs beyond biking go, I have been doing crossfit-esque sorts of things, some metcon work, jump rope, body-weight exercises, and a lifting session or two. I don't have any real legit weights, but I bought the kind that you can fill with water and fully loaded, my bar + weights = 36 lbs. My sessions do tend to be very short--10-15 minutes or so. I also do Krav Maga for a total of 3 hours each week.

    I've been sending my log to a friend in Germany (she's with Crossfit Ramstein), and she has encouraged me each week to drop the calories from fat and increase the calories from carbs and protein. She's on more of a paleo than a primal type diet, though she does read MDA.

    I haven't really lost any noticeable weight in the past month, either on the scale or in visible body composition. It's possible that I've gained some muscle and that it just isn't visible yet.

    I want to continue with another challenge month and I'd like to step up my diet so that I can see a real difference in body composition at the end of the next 30 days. I'm not looking to lose weight necessarily, though I have a fair amount of bodyfat that I'm looking to lose. But I'd be totally cool with being 123 and ripped, if that's what happened. I'm pretty happy right now with where I'm at with exercise; my WODs are getting longer as I get more comfortable, and my physical ability to keep up with everyone else at Krav Maga is noticeably increased. Also, before last Wednesday, I'd never biked 10 km in my life, and now my total for this week is 40 km.

    As far as diet goes, where do you guys think I should go with my approach for the next 30 days? Try IF? Cut the fruit/nuts? Go strictly carnivore? Something else?

    My stats:



    123ish lbs (this is my scale, at the docs a couple of months ago it was 135, but that 123 has only dropped to 122.4 in the past month)

    age 19

    Thanks for your help, and let me know if you'd like to see more data--food log, or more specific WODs.

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    Hi, Reepi.

    You say you eat a fair amount of nuts; I betcha that's the problem! It seems to be a key thing that keeps the weight on lots of people around here. I know everyone else will say to give up the fruit, too, although I'm a fan of it, myself. I feel so good when I eat fruit that I expend lots more calories buzzing around than I would otherwise.

    Even after weight-training for a few years, I've recently added some good arm definition by using resistance bands. It's not as impressive to play with giant rubber bands in the gym as it is to lift a couple hundred pounds, but damn, it gets visible results!


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      Bump. I'd like some more input on this, if anyone has anything to say. What'd you do after your first 30 days?


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        Reepicheep, keep a log of your food intake and calories. Even though the PB way of eating my be healthy, if you eat way too many calories, your body will store the excess as fat. There is no real way around that.

        Like dragonmamma said, the nuts could be part of the problem if they are pushing you over your maintenance level of caloric intake.

        Depending on your level of exercise, a female your age and height would need about 1900 calories to maintain your current weight, give or take a few hundred calories. Find out where you are right now on your intake. You may be eating right at maintenance level or just above. If so, then drop it down a few hundred calories. Don't drop it too much, just about 200. Try that for a few weeks and see if you lose any weight. If not, then drop it again by another 200. At that point, if you are at a 300-400 calorie deficit, you should see some slow, steady weight loss.

        30 days is not long enough to expect to see big changes or to get "ripped". However, you could realistically lose 2-3 pounds if you take a close look at your diet and enhance your appearance.