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Cooking at higher temps

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  • Cooking at higher temps

    I'm curious about different high heat cooking methods. What is acceptable and what is not.

    Steaming is completely okay?

    But then fruit juice is usually made with a steaming extraction process, and that's supposed to be bad? (I know fruit juice has too much sugar anyway and why toss the pulp we need.)

    I am also confused because some people bake at 350-450 with paleo ingredients, or bake/grill fish and meat at these temps?

    I'm confused because I read that stir-frying is paleo-accepted. Maybe not by the hardcore people, but most say that you're using high heat for a relatively short time.

    But toasting and roasting nuts and seeds is bad? I want to soak and dehydrate nuts to get the phytic acid out, but can I toast them too without destroying nutrients?