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How much should I eat etc?

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  • How much should I eat etc?

    Male, 6'1". Lightly - moderately active (cycling about 15 Mph for a total of 2 hrs a week, walking 5 hrs a week, some sprinting and some weight lifting).

    I want to maintain my weight but I come from the SAD and I don't have a magical body like everybody on here that tells them exactly when and what to eat.

    So my question is what should be my daily caloric intake approximately? And how much carbs etc?

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    It sounds like you're just starting off. I think it's easiest just to eat and not worry about ratios, percentages or quantities when you're just starting this. Listen to your body, get used to what feels good and what it feels like to be satisfyingly full and not bursting. Learn to recognize true hunger rather than thirst or boredom as well.
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      If you want to stay fit then i would like to suggest some tips for you..Eat lean meats,take lots of vegetables and fruits. Specially take low-sugar fruits.Try to avoid fast food and thing like bread and pastas or try to eat less fast food per day.maintain the ratio.Increase your physical activities.


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        Start with what you "think" is good.
        Listen to your body. If you start to feel sluggish, perhaps up your fat intake (avocados, coconut oils, etc).
        Just after a workout, get healthy carbs in. Maybe something like grilled salmon with some sauteed sweet potatoes.

        Everyone is different, so you'll just have to pay attention to how your body reacts.

        Also keep in mind that when you drop all those crappy carbs that you'll feel give it a week or so before making adjustments.

        i like to eat real a good way that I have found to get extra fat into my diet from what already exists is with a bulletproof coffee (modded with a scoop or protein powder).

        If you are really new the paleo scene, I would suggest checking out first.
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