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  • Macro calculating.

    Hi everyone, welcome to my first post.
    Im currently trying to get to about 7/8% body fat. this is a purely vanity based goal, although i do also aim to keep myself fit and healthy. Ive levelled out at around 10% and decided to take it that little extra i need to really get into the numbers of my food. ive done all the math for requirements etc, aiming for 50g carbs, 187 g protein and 101g fat.

    My problem lies with carbs, i was planning on getting these from veg and am aware 1g carbs = 4kcal. Im going for 1815kcal per day.

    Ive got a question for anyone whos gone this in depth with their diet before. Il use broccoli as an example. how do i fit it into my numbers when 100g = 33kcal but only around 1g carbs and protein?

    Basically im struggling to make my macro requirements fit my calorie targets.

    Hope this makes sense and any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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    shamesless bump.


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      try to get your carbs from somewhere else? I like brown rice and sweet potatoes myself. If you're avoiding starches try low GI fruits like blueberries and cantaloupes and pears.

      Fruit won't kill you.