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    Hi all,

    After doing some research on this site and other sites, including Paleo Track. I've decided that I want to go primarly Pescatarian. This all relates to the O3:O6 issue going on. I was amazed to find that it's the fish in my diet that is truly balancing out these levels. Furthermore, I like the idea of adapting a "desert island" type diet - high in fish, coconuts, etc. Any thoughts on this? I will still eat red meat every once in awhile, but I feel this will be a good move for me.

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    Should be perfectly fine. I would probably eat fish as my main source of meat if I could afford that much quality fish.

    I'd make sure to throw in plenty of fruits and veggies too. And you might consider eating as much whole fish (for the livers and other goodies) and fish eggs (super-dense in nutrition and good fats) as possible rather than just going for fillets all the time.
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      I sort of did that for a while and felt great, but can't afford the wild salmon in the winter! Not much of a buff on all things paleo though.


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        Genetics can play a role. I was pescatarian in my early to mid 30s but feel better overall since adding meat back. My digestion & overall health is 100% better with meat and butter, foods I never thought I would eat again.


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          One thing I should add is that I'm still eating dairy products, eggs and fowl. I'm really not trying to eliminate meat because it's meat, I'm just trying to really focus on those Omega 3 levels. Also, I eat a lot of wild caught canned fish - are these okay to eat a lot?


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            Another question: am I seriously undercutting my daily protein intake? I figured with the canned and cooked meat, plus dairy and eggs I eat, it comes out to around 70-80 grams per day. I'm a 5'5" 140 lbs male. Should I be eating more protein or am I getting enough. Not trying to beef up or anything. Just trying to drop some body fat and stay lean.


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              you're fine on protein for your size and your goals.