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    I need some advice, I really enjoy a latte coffee in the morning to get me going however I really don't like the creamy taste of full fat milks, I have always had the low fat versions, what can people suggest to over come this...i have also tried coconut milk and this is working for me either!!

    Any Ideas??? Thanks

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    I found it is simply a mouth feel - going from a low fat milk (years ago), I needed time to get used to the new mouth feel So maybe just keep trying and soon you'll find you love it


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      Try a blob of butter in it! Different feel altogther, but soooo gorgeous!!
      I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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        awesome thanks both, will keep at it!!


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          Getting used to full-fat after a long time of low-fat is psychological. Try thinking "ooh, this is going to taste so rich and creamy and delicious" instead of "oh, get ready for a big mouthful of greasy coffee, force it down!". Your tongue really is primed to get pleasure out of eating fat if you get over the hangups, trust me.
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            You could also use almond milk. In order to get used to cream over time you could mix full-fat cream with almond milk and gradually increase up to all cream. Just an idea.
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