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Leg Cramps - How I solved it.

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  • Leg Cramps - How I solved it.

    A few months ago I started using a product called Lo-Salt. I'm not sure if the same product runs in america, or whether it has a different name, but basically what it is is 50% sodium chloride, and 50% potassium chloride. The theory being that the potassium counteracts the harmful effects of the sodium. I admit that I bought into the marketing and started using it liberally. This started around the same time as I started with a paleo/primal diet.

    Now the problem was that I was replacing things that I would never put salt on with things that I would add salt to. Like veg, omelette, meat seasoning, etc. And because I was thinking it wasn't as bad as normal salt, I was probably using twice as much of the stuff.

    After about a month I started getting leg cramps/spasms, mainly in my calf, and mainly while I was asleep. It used to frequently wake me up. Happened every 3 nights or so. After I started investigating on the net, I found out that too much potassium can cause the same problems as too little. And on top of all the Lo Salt, I had 100% RDA of potassium in my multivit, and also ate about 2 bananas every day.

    So I cut the Lo Salt out of my diet, replaced it with normal salt and used it conservatively rather than liberally. That was about a month ago and I have not had another cramp since.

    Coincidence? Maybe....maybe not, it worked for me though. But the point I want to make is I could have quite easily blamed my paleo diet for this, as some people have done for anything that has gone wrong since starting. And I could have switched back to cereals in the morning, sandwiches from the local shop at lunch, and junk food at night. And my symptoms could have gone away due to the fact I would have naturally dropped my potassium levels.

    But sometimes the answer isn't always that obvious.

    Anyway, this is my first post so Hi everyone!

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    I was eating good amounts of himalayan salt crystal, then stopped (I was eating a bit of sweet potato and found it too sweet), and that's when I got cramps. Since I now regularly eat the salt again (what's a piece of roast vege without salt?), I haven't had a single cramp.


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      My father suffers from leg cramps. He eats a banana every day, and hasn't had a cramp since. Not sure what the cause of his cramps were, but he does eat a lot of sodium in his diet, and the natural potassium in the banana probably helped balance it a lot.

      He is also diabetic though so I'm not sure if the sugar is doing him any favours.