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Atrial Fibrillation and PB diet

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  • Atrial Fibrillation and PB diet

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to see if anyone out there is also dealing with atrial fibrillation and trying to follow the primal blueprint. Before I ever had attacks of atrial fibrillation (january of this year) I've never had any problems with various forms of low carb dieting (primal, paleo, even atkins). But what preceded my attacks were restarting primal again. I think the huge initial water/electrolyte loss set off my problems. I'm looking to restart primal again as things with the ol ticker seem more stable now but probably with a little more carbs then i had done previously. Just wondering if any of you had similar experiences. Thanks !

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    Are you talking about real, serious fibrillation that includes shortness of breath and weakness? Or are you mainly experiencing palpitations? If the former, you should see a doctor to rule out serious problems. If the latter, a lot of things can cause simple (harmless) palpitations. Lack of sleep, caffeine, alcohol, stress, etc. You might also, as you said, need to improve your electrolytes. Eat more potassium rich foods. Potassium is most abundant in foods primal eating tends to eliminate such as potatoes and bananas. Increasing your calcium and magnesium intake might also help.


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      Thanks for the reply Sunnivara. Yes, I'm talking about the serious fibrillation. I was hospitalized the first time it happened. I'm currently under the care of a cardiologist and electrophysiologist(heart rhythm doc). Good suggestion btw. I was thinking of adding some sweet potatoes to my primal restart. Anyone else out there with similar issues?


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        White potatoes like russets have a lot more potassium than sweet potatoes, though.
        Try using this nutrient search tool to find the best sources of potassium, magnesium, etc.
        Find foods by nutrient -