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Primal weightloss (looks like this:)

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  • Primal weightloss (looks like this:)

    I started Primal on 24th Oct, 2011. I weighed 68 kg.

    For the first month of my primal transition I did NOT weight myself. I focussed on switching over to primal and dealing with the carb flu, not weightloss.

    I knew that if I got it right at this stage, the weightloss would follow (and it has).

    On the 25th Nov, 2011, one month later, I weighed 67 kg.
    (Only 1 kg! Cue the dissapointment and the questions about why I wasn't loosing fast enough... etc)

    From then on I weighed myself every morning, on waking. I know that scales are not the best measuring device, and can give false readings based on water consumption and the like... BUT, what I've found is that as the weeks have passed, I've seen a pattern emerge...

    It's called slow, steady weightloss. And it's great!

    (I have boldened the lowest weights)

    Week 5: 65.9 | 65.8 | 65.4 | 65.4 | 65.9 | 66.4 | 66.2
    Week 6: 66.1 | 66.6 | ? | 65.9 | 65.9 | 65.8 | 65
    Week 7: ? | 64.5 | 65 | ? | 65.1 | 65.4 | 65.1
    Week 8: 65 | 64.9 | 65.1 | 65.4 | 64.9 | 65 | 65.4
    Week 9: 64.9 | 64.4 | ? | 64.3 | 64.6 | 64.4 | 64.4
    Week 10: 64.9 | 64.4 | 64 | 64.1 | 64 | 64 | 64.4
    Week 11: 64.3 | 64.3 | ? | 64.5 | 64 |63.9 | 64.1
    Week 12: 63.7 | 63.5 | ? | 63.7| ? | 63.7 | ?
    Week 13: ? | ? |63.7| ? |63.8| ? | ?
    Weel 14: 63 | ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | ?
    Week 15: ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | 62.6
    Week 16: ? | ? | ? | ? | 62.7 | ? | 62.1
    Week 17: ? | 61.9 | ? | ? | ? | ? | 62.1
    Week 18: 62.2 | 62.6 | 62.9 | ? | ? | ? |62.5
    Week 19: 62.8| ? | 63 | 62.8 | ? | 63.1 | 62.7
    Week 20: 62 | 62.6 | 62.1 | 61.8 | 61.8 | 61.8 | 61.2
    Week 21: 61.9|62.4| 62 | 62.2 | 63.1 | 61.5 |61.1
    Week 22: 61.1 |61.5 (today)

    I don't know if this will help all of those who are worried about weightloss, or those who think that they are not loosing weight fast enough.

    For me, it's a journey, not an overnight weightloss 'diet', so I'm glad my loss is small and slow. It's more healthy that way.
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    SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
    “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha

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    Glad you're seeing progress. Keep it up.

    I'm sorry to be that guy, but I have to point out that you're losing weight, not loosing weight.


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      Im not finding Ive lost much weight at all but my body fat percentage has slowly been declining.
      I started off at BFP 28 (Feb 1st), and it is now 24.2. (March 27th) And Im definitely getting smaller!!
      I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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        NICE!!!!! i weigh myself every morning too and i'm losing steadily. i find i'm more aware of what i eat when i weigh myself everyday. yes, the number bothered me in the beginning but i learned to let go of it and it does not bother me anymore.


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          Join the club. I'm losing weight too, and definitely losing inches (dress sizes) probably faster than I lose weight. But I lose at a very slow pace. I'm still happy with the progress I've made although I'm not an overnight success story. And I'm loving the journey too. Keep up the good work!


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            Yay, to everyone who is losing weight (did I get it right that time @ mike_h)

            61.1 kg again today.

            Slow and steady is the absolutely the way to go. Though I can understand the feeling a tad frustrating at times, especially when you hit a plateux and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

            I've watched mine fluctuate up and then stay there for a while, then drop a tiny bit and then go back up...


            the overall trend is DOWNWARD, and that's all that's important.

            There is no 'quick fix' eh!

            So, again, to those who are posting that they are not losing (I got in now @ mike_h, but it looks wrong somehow ) fast enough, don't give up... just keep up your efforts and give it more time.
            SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
            “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha


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              I've been primal for a while now. Am I thin? Nope. But tonight I wore a shirt that was too small for me last summer, and it fit comfortably. I know I'm losing fat, but more importantly, I feel I'm regaining my health. I can do things now that I couldn't even think of doing a year ago. My energy is better. My muscle recovery is better. It takes longer to get tired, and I have to rest less in between. Best of all, my pain is more manageable.

              As long as I kep making progress, slow is fine. This is the first thing I've found that works for me and my fight against fibromyalgia and cmp, and it is a lifestyle change, not a temporary thing.
              Fighting fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain since 2002.

              Big Fat Fiasco

              Our bodies crave real food. We remain hungry as long as we refuse to eat real food, no matter how much junk we stuff into our stomachs. ~J. Stanton


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                I measure myself daily as well and look for that downward trend too. But I only officially record my weight once every month on the 15th. I also measure my waist though that changes much much more slowly. I can generally estimate the progress when I put on my belt (though I've been on the last hole for a while now)? The only other thing I log are my exercises and daily steps.


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                  I lost 70lbs very quickly initially (well, within 10 months), but my weight has stalled since then - fluctuating up a little, then down a little, but staying around the eleven-and-half stone mark (161lbs) since December. BUT I've noticed that my clothes are fitting better, and I am losing inches slowly but surely - and most importantly of all, I'm feeling much healthier and enjoying life more. I'd love to lose the last 28lbs that I need to, but if it takes a long time, then I really don't mind if I'm feeling this good


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                    very cool! thanks for sharing. It took me about a year to lose my excess poundage, as well, and it was probably (didn't measure, but I was "over size" of what I owned by about 4 sizes) around the order of 20 lbs. Half a lb a week isn't quick. But it was not painful. Then my body stabilized at what I hope will be it's new "normal"-- although I notice I do have to watch my intake, namely for quality and not adding in a little bit here and there-- which is a normal that allows me to wear the majority of my clothes again.

                    My composition also changed favorably. My waist has always been larger than my hipbones, meaning that woman clothes never fit me, and I carried the bulk of my weight in my ass. Now I have a waist, and consequently my "apple bottom" looks much more feminine (I think the hubs likes it too).
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                      I share your philosophy, thaijinx.

                      Great post, and a really important one for those of us down to the last 10-20 lbs or so to lose.
                      F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.


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                        Originally posted by Thaijinx
                        Yay, to everyone who is losing weight (did I get it right that time @ mike_h)
                        I'm proud of you, and not because of the weight loss