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  • Post your favorite Primal recipe!

    My copy/paste into a word document has proved rather unorganized, so ive decided to do an online cookbook to take all the great recipes you guys have given me! So all the recipes posted here will be avaliable here:

    You will get credit for the recipe, and hopefully it will be totally organized so u can search for someone's name if you like their recipes and see all they have submitted. I guess itll be a list of MDA's greatest kitchen hits! So lets see those recipes!

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    Great idea Athena! Here's a recipe of mine:


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      totally a great idea! I don't have anything to add yet, I'm still getting used to bacon and eggs whenever I want! lol! But I love to cook so I'll definitely be checking it out and hopefully adding to it at some point.


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        My recipe for Primal Carbonara: Serves about 4

        1 pkg bacon

        10 portobello mushrooms

        1 1/2 cups heavy cream

        8 egg yolks

        1 cup parmesan cheese

        fresh parsley

        fresh basil

        garlic powder



        Matchstick bacon and cook till done but soft. Remove bacon, but keep the grease.

        Thinly slice 10 portobello mushrooms (not too thin, you want them as the "noodles" so you don't want them to disintegrate when cooking)

        Saute them in the bacon grease with 4 or 5 minced cloves of garlic and remove from the pan. Pile them on 4 plates.

        Pour 1 cup of heavy cream in the pan and return to heat, on low. In a bowl mix another 1 1/2 cups cream, 8 egg yolks and 1 cup of fresh parmesan cheese, a handful of chopped fresh parsley and some chopped fresh basil (or a spinkle or dried) salt and pepper, and some garlic powder. Whisk into pan, making sure it's not too hot or the eggs will overcook and curdle. Whisk until the sauce thickens.

        Ladle sauce over mushroom "noodles" and try not to lick your plate when you're done. Try, but no one will fault you for licking!

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          Thanks guys! They are up! Keep the great recipes coming!! Im gonna have an awesome cooking weekend!

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            OK, I'm totally making that carbonara next week!


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              Made this last night:

              Roast Shoulder of Lamb

              Feeds two to four big eaters.

              Lamb Shoulder is quite fatty and so it roasts well and doesn't need basting. This is from a Jamie Oliver recipe.

              Buy a 2kg whole lamb shoulder and slash big cuts on the fatty side and stuff the cuts with rosemary sprigs and whole garlic cloves and rub the whole lamb over with olive oil and sea salt and pepper.

              Place on roasting dish and cover with tin foil or in a creuset with lid.Put in a preheated oven at 325-350 farenheit for about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Take out of pan and let rest for a few mins. Use the pan juices to make a gravy of your choice. I added red wine and vegetable stock to mine.

              When serving place on plate and shred lamb from the bone (Like you do with crispy duck)

              I served it with seasonal roast veg: parsnips, carrots, butternut squash and sweet potato.


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                @mia DROOL!!! Ok, Im totally making that on saturday with primal cheesecake for dessert!!

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                  @ Athena. What is this primal cheesecake you speak of and how can I find it? I simply must try it.


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                    I too am curious about the primal cheesecake...

                    But, I got back to this post to say that I made the Carbonara, and it was delicious. If anything it might have been a little too creamy for me, I might only use a cup of cream and a little wine, water, broth to loosen it up next time. I also added some leftover chicken I had. My 6 year old ate his up and asked if he could eat his sister's after she spit it out. He even slurped his "muudles," what I called the mushroom noodles!


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                      Roasted Brussels Sprouts:

                      01. Preheat oven to 500 degrees F

                      02. Using your choice of oil, grease a cookie sheet.

                      03. Wash, then slice sprouts in half.

                      04. Place on cookie sheet; drizzle with more oil.

                      05. Sprinkle with a bit of salt, if desired.

                      06. Cook for about 15 minutes, turning once.

                      They get almost carmelized, & are delicious both hot & as leftovers cold.

                      I also enjoy pear slices wrapped in proscuitto as a snack.

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                        dsantana: I made a somewhat "Primal" cheesecake last winter: I made the crust from almond & hazelnut meals mixed with butter, a bit of sugar, an egg & some vanilla. I made cheese the day before by putting a quart of buttermilk in a ceramic baking dish in the oven overnight at lowest setting (150). I was basically trying to duplicate a German-style cheesecake, which uses a cheese they call "quark". I just googled "quark" & german cheesecake recipes & improvised from there. I used a really good buttermilk - Farmer's Creamery. They sell yummy non-homogenized products. Anyways, the german recipes tend to be less sweet & lighter than their american counterparts. If I remember correctly, I made my filling with cheese, egg, sugar, lemon zest, & vanilla. (I only use raw sugars, sucanat, etc... experiment with what you like!)