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Starting out Ultimate Diet 2.0 and Intermittent Fasting

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  • Starting out Ultimate Diet 2.0 and Intermittent Fasting

    I'm a woman at 110lbs 5 foot 3 inches, as you can imagine I'm doing this for body-recomposition NOT weight loss. I'm posting because I'd like to have any advice from those who have done a similar program.

    Waist: 25 inches
    Hips: 32 inches (I'm a bit confused at where one is supposed to measure hips, this is measured at hip bones)
    Biceps: 10.3 inches
    Thigh: 20.8 inches
    Calves: 12.5 inches

    According to some tape measurements I'm at 16-17% body fat. I've got some good definition in my abs (i'd say a faint 4 pack) but I'm really looking to drop a few %.

    I've been doing a (sloppy) leangains approach (mainly skipping breakfast and doing fasted training w/ BCAA) and attempted to do the calorie/carb cycling. In general I don't go above 150 grams of carbs a day (all from tubers/squash) and mostly primal eating.

    I train 6X per week with a mix of 2X weight training w/ HIIT (60 sec sprint intervals for 20 min), Bodyrock mashup workouts for 45-60min on the other 4 days.

    I'm trying something new with more rigid guidelines to try and drop down my body fat. I'm going into graduate/vet school starting in August and I wanted to be able to get very lean so I could just focus on maintaining.

    My setup is thus: 100 gram protein constant throughout
    M-W 1200 kcal (cardio only on wednesday) (limited carbs, mostly low carb/keto, but focusing on whole/primal foods)
    Thursday AM: between 600-900 kcal with limited carbs
    Thursday PM: starting refeed with two meals of 100g carb and 35g protein with little fat
    Friday: 4 meals of 100g carb and 35 g protein with <30g fat (no workout)
    Saturday: 1700 kcal, 150-200g carb, 100g protein, 30ish gram fat
    Sunday: 1400 kcal, 100g carb, 100g protein, 62g fat

    This should leave me with a daily average of ~1500 kcal which is slightly below my maintenance with my activity level.

    For working out, I'm kinda mixing things up. I've never been a fan of weight training, I find it boring (Please do not take offense!), I prefer bodyrock/HIIT/functional training.

    As opposed to other people who have done this sort of carb cycling, I'm going to go with more whole foods for the re-feed mainly with potatoes and squash and rice. I've worked really hard to overcome my desire to eat processed foods and I really don't want to go back to them. (I MAY slip in a bagel)

    Like I said, I'd like to get some advice.

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    Remeasure your hips and reconfigure your fat% Measure your hips at the hip joint~ butt level. HTH


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      Thanks, that means my hips are at 33 inches and body fat closer to 17-18%, which seems more reasonable


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        Kate, I have done 2 cycles, the first one full 8 weeks, and the second one - 6 weeks. The first one was successful, the second one I've failed. I did the exercise regimen as per the book. The depletion workouts at least should be done per book, imo, because they are notably exhaustive on your muscle and I doubt can be replicated easily with other approaches. For intensity and power workouts I think you can use your own routines, though for me personally absolutely nothing comes even close to heavy lifting in terms of muscle building. In fact absolutely nothing else builds any muscle on me, lol.

        The best advice I can give you is to specify what led me to failure on my second attempt at UD2.0:

        -I went too long on it. 4 weeks were excellent, and then I ignored the following signs:
        persistent injury; persistent fatigue it lead to overall depression and binging episodes.

        UD will train you to binge on the weekends after days of deprivation, so the hardest part of the UD is not while you are doing it, but when you stop it. These 2-4 weeks afterwards, when you are rebounding will either allow you keep your loss or spike right back up (well, depending on genetics, obviously).

        Good luck! It is a very effective approach, but requires a lot of dedicated efforts and, at least, in my case, the most difficult thing was mood management. If i do it again, I will have to meditate daily or something.
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          Thanks, I do plan on following his depletion workouts because I will be close to a gym on those days of the week.


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            No sure if anyone is reading this but I'd like to record my journey with this somewhere just for other smaller women to read since there isn't many journals out there.

            Yesterday was okay, the depletion workout wasn't so bad. I took BCAA before working out fasted and the workout wasn't awful. I followed the depletion workout in the book but since I'm not very strong (and pretty new to weight training) I have a hard time really pushing myself hard, which is probably why I didn't suffer so much. I did 100 pushups instead of chest press because I just look silly trying to do chest press with just the bar. It was fun though, and harder than my normal weight training. Afterwards I did interval sprints on the treadmill. 10 rounds of 60s on and 60s off, I did some warmup sprints starting at 7.5-8.5 but then did the last at 9.0 and 9.5mph.

            Some eats:

            (noon) 3 hard boiled eggs and 2 protein powder almond butter cakes (low in carbs)= 380 kcal
            (3pm) 1 small avocado = 200 kcal
            (7pm) 6 oz steak + asparagus + homemade kim chi (nomnomnom)= ~600 kcal

            I weighed myself today and was at 111.8 lbs, I think this may be due to water weight for my monthly cycle but I have a sinking feeling it may also be due to the fact that I've been pretty restrictive with my food lately and may be suffering metabolic slow-down. I'm going to monitor my body temp to see if it is too low. I'm thinking the carb refeed on Friday will actually help since I've been pushing myself very hard without any good refeeds.


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              Hi Kate, I will be watching your experience with a great interest & will try my best to offer what support you will need. I am away till Tuesday, but after that I will try to poke in once in a while. It is the best to go into UD after at least 2 weeks on maintenance and no caloric restriction, did you go into it after another diet?
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              When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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                Not really, I was kinda fooling around with a few other things but nothing serious but I just know that I wasn't eating at maintenance for my activity level.


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                  Second day, again, not so bad. I wasn't on campus so I did a workout at home, which I hope replicated the depletion (I felt depleted!) It ended up being 45 min, I would do 15 reps of a strength exercise using my sandbag (fireman lifts with squats, deadlifts, jack curls, squat and press, cleans etc) followed by 40 high knee jump rope.

                  Hunger wise, today was fine, in fact, my hunger was rather lacking. It always weirds me out when I eat 600 kcal and I feel like forcing myself to eat.

                  Lunch: Egg white omelet (1 cup egg whites, 2 oz of skirt steak left over, 2 spears of asparagus), a little less than a cup of homemade kim chi, 2 hard-boiled eggs

                  Dindin: Pork stir fry (4 oz pork marinated with soy sauce and dark vinegar with broccoli and green onions and ginger) = LOVELY

                  Desert: Protein pudding (1 cup avocados, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk)

                  Adds up to about 1200, a little under actually.

                  No weight training tomorrow, which feels weird because I almost never do straight cardio, its always mixed with some weight training either it be body-weight or gym stuff. It'll probably end up as treadmill sprints and some steady state cardio on some machine, i prefer going outside but tomorrow will be rain awwww...


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                    I can't speak to the specifics of the UD2.0, but I will say that in general, I am really wary of complexity. The more steps a diet / program / regimen has, the more unlikely it seems to me to be representative of the true nature of things. So, for instance, I would find it incredibly surprising if it turns out that some berry that grows only on the leeward side of the Himalayas during the month of November, which is harvested only after it has been eaten and regurgitated by yaks is the miracle food that will cure all that ails us. Something that esoteric could never have come to be metabolically significant via natural selection.

                    That said, your program seems very involved, probably exactly as prescribed by UD2. I would rather simplify things, focus on intermittent fasting, your overall calorie intake, and be careful to not overdo it on the cardio.

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                      I actually agree with you on that point. I plan on trying this for a while but my ultimate goal is to find a plan that is reasonable and sustainable for the future. At the moment I have the extra time to invest in a more rigorous plan. I actually rather enjoy doing these sorts of things with little complexities because I enjoy setting up the plan for myself (but I can say I'm being much more lax with it, and not fretting over miniscule number crunching). IF is something I plan to continue for the foreseeable future because it simplifies my life and I enjoy eating bigger filling meals. I've just never done any carb load/depletion diets before and thought WHY NOT? I've got the time and freedom now that I will not have for the next seven years (grad/vet school).


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                        I'm looking forward to following this journal -- keep up the postings!
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                          This is going to just be a short-term self experiment because I will be entering a dual vet/PhD program at the end of the year and will not have the time to continue something like this. I'm going to switch back to a more simple primal IF plan at my maintenance intake. I love sprinting...I HATE pure steady state cardio, but I'll be mindful to not overdo it.


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                            So, sorry about saying the same thing twice, for some reason my first reply did not show up, the internet is acting odd.


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                              Cardio day=boring day

                              I did some sprints today with a bit of steady state cardio, sprints were good, ss was...bleh, all together was 40min. Overall, I just felt weak and not really into it. Wish I had gone outside, thought there would be rain but turned out to be sunny and 70s. I may opt for something more fun (like kickboxing! No lie my mom's taebo tapes introduced me to fitness) for cardio instead.

                              Weighted myself and suddenly dropped to 108.4, oh the magic of water weight loss! All measurements were the same, but I guess I'm doing a good job of "depleting" myself eh?

                              Hunger levels were right on par today, the first day I was ravenous, the second I had no interest in food, today though I got hungry for dinner and that just makes the whole thing much more fun! Food should be fun!

                              Lunch: A big ole tin of tuna, a cup of chopped avocado, and a small/medium yellow squash chopped and sauteed with a tsp of ghee (I LOVE the taste of ghee) with the regular spices.

                              Dinner: Poached salmon (in water, soy sauce, vinegar and ginger), sauteed cauliflower and kale with apple cider vinegar, salt, etc (I like the vinegar it makes it so tangy!)

                              Sweets (the BEST part): my 2 mini chocolate banana almond cakes (the recipe from the primal cookbook for pancakes but with protein powder and made in mini muffin tin) 70 kcal each with 2 tbsp of almond butter on top! I hadn't really planned this but I found that my stats were quite low and decided to have some of these I'd baked ahead of time. Plus I had a lonely packet of jason's almond butter in my cabinet.

                              Lots of liquids with lemon juice! I'm a sucker for tangy stuff.

                              Day three was good, with the exception of the working out part, which kinda just sucked if hadn't lied I would have gone outside but I acted the part of gym bunny instead.