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Starting out Ultimate Diet 2.0 and Intermittent Fasting

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    Congrats! That's awesome! Yay!

    Good luck on UD2.....

    I did PSMF once............ and it worked fantastically, but I was almost sent
    to a remote island by my family. HAR!

    Congrats again!



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      I'm really curious to see how UD2 works out for you - I tried it last month, for 2 weeks. I'm a 5'4 woman, when I started UD2 I was around 106lbs with just a couple of stubborn lbs of fat to lose. UD2 didn't go well for me, I ended up bloating and retaining water like crazy, which took way longer to get rid of than it should. Plus, putting myself into the starvation/binging schedule was really, really bad for my eating disorder that had previously been in remission - I thought I could handle it, but UD2 really brought out my need for compulsive overeating which I'm currently working on getting back in line, which is doable, but not fun. I'm probably now around 110-112, which for me feels uncomfortable and unbearable.

      I'm starting to think that most diet theory is really only applicable to men. So many of the studies seem based on how men's bodies react to things, with the assumption that women will react the same, but I'm starting to think that's a giant error. Before doing UD2, I was IFing daily with ease and losing weight. Now, after UD2, I still IF pretty frequently but for some reason I can't figure out, I'm gaining weight instead, even with every other day fasting. I wish you good luck, and I'll be popping in to see your progress - I hope your experiment goes better than mine did!


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        Weight: 110.6 lbs

        I think that I may be ending up with the same issue. My weight and measurements have pretty much remained the same throughout this experiment (with the exception of losing water weight). I'm starting to think that the reviews I read are right, in that this works better for larger people who have larger amounts of muscle mass and have an overall larger caloric requirement. For me, I found that my maintenance is around ~2000 kcal and my "binge" day ended up being around 2100 kcal so it seemed a little pointless, plus, my stomach really hurt trying to eat that much. I think the occasional "binge" day is good psychologically but it wasn't working for me.

        I hate to just give up after only two weeks but depriving myself for three days and making myself feel really tired and grumpy for so little return seems a bit pointless. I really wanted to try it out and see if it worked for a smaller woman but it seems like most of the reviews are correct in saying that it doesn't work that way.

        I'm debating about giving it another week. If my my measurements don't change then, I may just switch back to leangains and try a more controlled approach.


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          Weight: 110 lbs

          After accessing my progress for the last two weeks (including mental and physical states) I feel as if this diet isn't going to work for me. My measurements have not changed (nor my weight) and I've felt terrible most of the time either from eating very little or forcing myself to eat things I don't want to eat. I think that I'm going to switch over to a more pure leangains approach using this calculator

          IF Calculator

          I'm going to do a "weight loss" version and add in some sprinting to assist in fat loss with ~1600 kcal on non-weight training (80% fat/20% carb) days and ~2000 kcal on weight training days (20% fat/80% carb). I've still got 6 weeks until summer and I plan on working toward losing that extra fat and gaining muscle. Sorry for setting this up and not finishing the full 8 cycles but I think people are correct when they say that this diet is geared toward larger men.


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            Hope you keep up your log-- it has been an interesting read!
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