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Starting out Ultimate Diet 2.0 and Intermittent Fasting

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    SUPREME DEPLETION, I weighted 106.8lbs and shrunk a bit on a few measurements around the midsection. This morning I plan on doing a 30min turbofire kickboxing video, don't kill me! I know, I know, I shouldn't overdo it on the cardio, but I love my turbofire, its just so much fun! Later today I will be doing the...resistance? workout as prescribed in the gym. I'm actually looking forward to it because I like the routine set up.


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      Resistance workout was pretty much just awesome, the meal plan today was thus:

      Lunch: 1 cup avocado, 3 hard boiled eggs and 1 oz dubliner cheese (I have a block of this from Costco, I should probably start eating it)

      Pre-workout supplement: 1 zone bar (my bo is obsessed with these and buys them in bulk and they happened to fit the take "15 grams protein, 25 grams carbs" before working out scheme)

      So my plan for the carb load is to have 6 refeed meals total, each with 100 grams carbs and 35 grams protein and 50 grams or less of fat total for the entire thing. Today I will have 2 meals and 4 tomorrow.

      First refeed meal: 1 bagel with a tsp of honey, 2 containers of fat free chobani yogurt, one peach one black cherry. This really wouldn't have been my 1st choice but I ended up stranded on campus with no food, yogurt's never bothered me and I've been wanting a bagel because my bo eats them every morning and they smell soooo gooooood. Sometimes its good to indulge a bit to scratch that nagging food itch.

      Second refeed meal: 1 cup rice, 1 cup butternut squash, 1 cup kale, 4.5 oz of pork tenderloin with some seasoning en such

      Total intake today is around 2000 kcal, a little under probably, according to my fitness pal

      Tomorrow is rest day! I'm gonna chill out, maybe take a nice walk, go eat out at fancy Mexican restaurant, it's gonna be a start of a banging weekend. For today tho, twas enjoyable, except the morning cardio, depleted morning cardio is pretty awful.


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        I follow a leangains protocol sort of, but altered to help me get that fitness model sorta body. Let me explain further what works for me.

        First of all I never intentionally carb refeed, my body will tell me when it needs carbs, intentionally giving your body more carbs than it needs makes it tough to drop body fat. Any glycogen your muscles need they can get from your normal intake. Also, how I vary from Berkhan's approach is that I do not eat carbs after my workout, it stimulates insulin which blunts growth hormone, and we all know GH's affect on muscle building.

        Next, I throw in the occasional long fast, 24+ hours but I emphasize occasional, I do it a couple times a month. There is nothing wrong with fasting more often, but with my 6-8 hour feeding protocol daily I do not feel the need for more.

        Also, I have a tendency to eat a TON of calories from time to time, also not intentional, but every once in a while there are some days where I go to bed thinking, "holy shit I ate 4500 cals today." I suppose this helps keep your body on edge.

        Here are my stats, 5'7, 137lbs, and 18% Bodyfat, measured by the electric current thing by a person at my gym. I eat as much as I want without counting calories and my body comp is still improving. Anyways, it isnt prefect or well-laid out, but it works for me and allows me flexibility
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          Thanks for the input, I plan on doing something similar when I finish this program. I really want to move into something a little less maintenance and its good to hear that a plan similar to my future one (occasional carb feeds, 8/16 fast) works well for other people. I hope it will work out for me too.


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            Today's weight 108.6 lbs, makes sense, put on a little water weight, HOWEVER, I do feel "tighter" so...maybe a little muscle? Yah? My abs looked really nice and my measurements were still a little less than initially recorded (like 1/4 inch).

            3rd refeed: 1/2 cup gluten free rolled oats (had these left over, even though I've pretty much stopped eating oats) cooked with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 cup water (makes very fluffy creamy oatmeal) mixed with 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 scoop chocolate protein powder. 1 medium potato baked and cut into slices with some salt.

            STATS: 474 kcal, 75 grams carbs, 8 grams fat, 33 grams protein


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              3rd refeed meal was pretty pathetic, tip from a noob, do not try doing a refeed with ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE. So 3rd refeed turned into another zone bar and two of my banana almond butter muffins with protein powder. Then I ended up having my last two refeed meals at whole foods food bar, so I'm a little unsure of the stats with that one but I got a big ole box of sweet potatoes, veg, beef, pork and chicken, along with the poof chips things that that special machine makes, forget what they're called but I ate those in the movie theater cause I wanted something snacky. So I hope my refeed went well, I think I may have eaten too much fat and not enough carbs but I'll see how I look and feel and weight and measure tomorrow to see what the final results are. Tomorrow I'll also keep the carbs relatively high (150-200) and fat low, but with lower calories in general (1700 kcal) and do my POWER (?) workout, which will be a mash up of ZWOW, Bodyrock and Angry Trainer. Happy weekend!


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                My carb load was a little lame, I don't think I ate enough (haha, the opposite of what most people do right?) my weight was 108.2lbs this morning. I'll know to eat more next week, no reason to worry about it.

                My power workout was brutal, I felt a little light headed (probably because I needed to eat more yesterday). In total I did 200 pushups of different varieties through all the workouts. Total time was close to an hour. After the workout I ate a HUGE meal and it was AWESOME

                2 cups rice spaghetti (found it in my pantry, who knows when I bought this) with 1 cup egg whites (leftover from baking) 1 tin of water chestnuts and a bit of black bean garlic paste and chiking (spelling?) dark vinegar. Afterwards I topped it off with 2 banana almond butter mini muffins topped with 2 tbsp TJ roasted almond butter. I'm not stuffed, just...satisfied.

                May go on a relaxing hike later with the bo, the weather is cooperating.


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                  So relaxing hike turned into something a little more "vigorous" as in when we decided to turn around my bo looked at me and said "wanna run back?" And we did. I'm gonna feel it tomorrow, that's for sure! Once again, a lame meal consisting of two zone bars, I can't help it they're so tasty! But we went grocery shopping today and stocked up on some more healthy primal foods (sweet potatoes FINALLY!) So I don't feel so guilty eating so much processed food. I get lazy on the weekends, but it gives me more incentive to bust out the cooking meals on the week days. I hope I ate enough carbs/kcal today because I think I didn't do enough yesterday. I'm looking forward to getting back into low carb again, I get sleepy when I eat too many carbs.


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                    Today I did an Insanity video (I did the program about a year ago and recently found the DVDs), which was terrible/encouraging, I've definitely gotten stronger through weight training and Bodyrock, but I will NEVER find any of those workouts "easy". Weight this morning was 109lbs, forgot to take measurements before chugging water, but i think I'll post some tomorrow.


                    Lunch: 3 cups yogurt with protein powder and cocoa powder and coconut milk (I bought the yogurt to make tandoori chicken and just ate it to get rid of the leftovers)

                    Snack: 3 hard boiled eggs and some mini sweet peppers

                    Dinner: Tandoori chicken! and steamed broccoli with some seasoning. I'm very excited to see how this recipe turns out, considering I've prepped a boat load of it and will be consuming quite a bit of it for the rest of the week.

                    Stats today ~1400 kcal, ~100 grams carbs (tapering off in the evening), ~100 grams protein, ~50 grams fat.

                    Tomorrow we start all over again! I have to say though, the first week has been successful! I've lost about a lb of weight, but I'm curious to see if it was actual weight (preferably fat) loss. According to my calculations, my body fat now is 17%. I'm aiming for 15% bf (that seems to be the % where women get good ab definition). If my lean body mass stays the same, to be at that % I'd be at 106.5lbs, which is getting a little low so I would prefer to build some muscle too. I'd also like to focus more on primal foods this go round, I was a bit unprepared and ended up eating more processed food than I would have liked (damn you zone bars!). However, I find it easier to to go primal with the low carb section (avocados and eggs anyone?)

                    The plan is to continue this until mid May (when I graduate) and then spend the summer before vet school working out the kinks in a more "relaxed" feeding style. So I have about 6 more cycles I plan on doing.

                    I hope my posts have been informative and not annoying, I'm still very open to any suggestions people have. Enjoy your Sunday!


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                      Today was TERRIBLE, I woke up and was completely exhausted and my triceps were sooooo sore, beyond what I've felt in ages. I KNOW I pushed myself too hard yesterday. Weight this morning was 109.6lbs. All of my measurements were down by about an 8th of an inch, but I'm a little unsure if I was just pulling too tight.

                      I was totally light headed during my workout and my dance class afterward. That must be how the depletion workout is supposed to feel. Came home and took a nap, felt much better afterward. I hope tomorrow the fatigue with not be as much of an issue, I think it was just that I'd gotten used to sleeping in during the weekend.

                      Good food:

                      Lunch: 1 cup chopped avocado and 3 chopped hard-boiled seasoned with garlic and onion powder and salt (AWESOME) and 1oz dubliner cheese

                      Dindin: 3 tandoori chicken thighs a big ole green salad with balsamic/tamari dressing and a few mini sweet peppers

                      Stats: ~1200 kcal, protein 120 grams, 60 fat grams, 30 carbs


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                        Weight: 109.2 lbs

                        This morning started out terrible, and pretty much continued that way until I worked out at 4:30ish. Just lethargic and sleepy, woke up after 10 hours of sleep and still felt like staying in bed.

                        I was seriously considering not working out but spent some time warming up and opened our balcony door to let the fresh air in and that really helped. Half way through I really caught my stride and felt much better. After finishing, I felt like I'd cured a head cold or something. Similar plan as last Tuesday, 30 skips followed by a complex/multi-joint weighted exercise (backward lunge overhead press, row-clean-press, downward dog pushups) it really hit my shoulders and core stabilizers, I think next time I'll add in more weighted leg work.


                        Lunch: 1oz dubliner cheese, 1 big ole tin o tuna, 1 cup chopped avocado, dijon mustard, a few mini sweet peppers

                        Snack: A carrot, I really wanted a carrot

                        Dinner: 7oz of top round steaks marinated with fish sauce, rice wine, golden mountain sauce, and malt vinager and pan seared with a big spinach salad dressed with tamari and fig balsamic. Something sweet to top it off- a mini almond butter banana muffin

                        The day started off just...horrible, I honestly had a few thoughts of "I don't think I can keep this up for 6 more cycles" but things turned around and I think I'll play it out.


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                          Weight: 108 lbs, the only noticeable measurement change was my waist which went from 25 inches to 24.5 inches, but we shall see...

                          SOOOOO much better today. My morning class was cancelled so I got to sleep in but ended up waking up at the same time, which was good because I hope this means my body got enough rest last night. Did Turbofire this morning instead of gym sprints because I was at the apartment and I felt really good, lots of energy, not terribly stiff (although, i was totally right about thinking my shoulders got the brunt force of my workout yesterday) Had my dance class, which was also much better than Monday's, did not feel dizzy or lethargic. All in all, I'm excited for tomorrow cause it involves a Mexican restaurant, weight lifting and sprinting.


                          Lunch: 1 small avocado, 7 oz top round steak leftover from last night and a big ole carrot!

                          Dinner: Chicken stirfry with cabbage and an onion with "spices" (i have this little tin of whole exotic spices and it just adds sooo much flavor to stirfrys) I have yet to calculate it out but I think there may be room for yet another mini almond butter banana muffin (i probably shouldn't have made so many of these!)

                          Happy Wednesday!


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                            Weight 107.4 lbs

                            The plan today is thus:

                            Morning cardio=insanity pure cardio (which is essentially sprint intervals)

                            Late afternoon upper body resistance workout and 60-60s treadmill sprints (I like the way sprints shape my lower body)

                            Leftover cabbage chicken stirfry for lunch (which ended up being DELICIOUS)

                            Balance bar (aka the requirement for 15 grams protein and 25 grams carbs pre-resistance workouts)

                            Post workout refeed meal: 1 sweet potato and 3oz of top sirloin steak

                            MEXICAN FOOOOOOOOD: I plan on having some fish there, I really don't eat enough fish (I need to get some fish oils) because I always cook it weird/ don't have a place to buy quality fish. So I like to eat it when I go out. I also plan on having some good red wine, ahhhhh I miss red wine so much!


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                              Weight: 110 lbs

                              Today's plan is lots of sweet potatoes and some rice spaghetti and some red wine. Also, I realize that this is not necessarily the correct forum to say this but I can't help myself. Mexican food last night was especially delicious because it also came with a marriage proposal, my bo is now my fiance! Happy Friday everyone, I'll let you know how the carb refeed works tomorrow.


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                                Aww...congratulations How exciting!!
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