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Provisioning for the Bahamas?

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  • Provisioning for the Bahamas?

    OK, We are going to the Bahamas for 2 months on our sailboat. Probably leaving Marathon, in the Florida Keys, the first of next week.
    We'll be loading up on everything we can take with us, so I need more ideas of food to take that will store well.
    Remember we have a very small freezer, but a pretty big refrigerator. We'll be eating as much fish as we can catch???? and what other meat we can take with us. Veggies will be a problem after a few days, but we'll take a lot of nuts and jerky and other nibbleing stuff.
    I'm thinking of rice as a staple, as I take that it is a no harm no foul 'food'. And we'll make a Sams run to see what canned meat we can find.
    All ideas are welcome.

    ALSO, there will be many, many happy hours and sundowners. We'll need to take some food for our part. More ideas please.

    Thanks again,

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    I suggest plenty of condiments along with staples since food tastes so much better well-dressed--for example:

    tahini and wheat-free tamari, hot sauce, good mustard, dried dill and thyme for salad dressing, olive oil, sea salt, pepper mill w/ refill pepper, smoked paprika, hot pepper flakes, a little saffron, etc. I would think several kinds of stock--canned, carton and cubes. A bag of Bombilla (spelling?) rice from Spain to make killer seafood Paella when you get some shellfish etc. at the fish markets would be a fine decadent treat and isn't hard to do.

    Of course, curry powder and coconut milk in bulk. Thai curry paste and fish sauce. Jerk rub?

    Cinnamon for coffee is essential in my book as nothing smells nicer in the morning in the sea air.

    Canned meat at Sam's is affordable and pretty good--chicken is what I usually get. They have good prices on things like bulk onions, nuts, limes, etc. which are hard to beat.

    Also don't forget sardines in olive oil in case fish aren't biting and great for a quick snack. What about some buckwheat flour and a jug of maple syrup for some primal pancakes?

    No doubt you know about the following since you are going on your own boat, but just in case or as a hint to other sea travelers:

    Joy dish soap with lemon will lather in sea water so you can wash you hair :-). A couple of light cotton sarongs are nice to have to wrap hair or sit around in. They wash easily and dry quickly.

    Happy trip and share the details when you get back!
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      Lot's of canned tomatoes and a few huge chunks of meats and potatoes. You can make a fantastic stew that will last for days.

      Oh, and lots of alcohol, lime and tonic.