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PUFAs and chicken

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  • PUFAs and chicken

    So I successfully made my first pot of chicken stock and in the article I stole from Mark he mentions that the top layer of fat should be removed from the stock because it contains a high amount of PUFAs when it is made from chicken bones. Well, I have a pretty well congealed substance that does not have layers...its just one solid mass. I was under the assumption I would see a noticeable fat layer. So my question is should I scrap the top layer off just to be safe or maybe I just got lucky and there are no PUFAs (yeah right!). In any much is the top inch...half an inch? Any suggestions?

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    Put it into the fridge for a couple of hours. You'll get a nice skimmable layer of fat that's easy to pull out.


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      It was in the fridge over night, like i said its nice and congealed now. I'm just missing a fat layer lol


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        I grew up in a home where making stock from bones and carcasses was a weekly event. If you included skin, or joints, or any part where fat is on the carcass, then yes, there will be a noticable layer of whiteish fat.

        I would suggest that if you don't see a layer of fat, that the parts you included to make your stock with must not have had much skin or fat on them to begin with. In that case, don't skim anything off, you'll just be throwing away delicious gelatinous stock.

        There is an image halfway down the following page of what the fat looks like. They are scraping it off with a spoon in the photo.
        The Italian Dish - Posts - Homemade Chicken*Stock

        Hope that helps,
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