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Is it bad to feel Hungry?

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  • Is it bad to feel Hungry?

    Just a question... I often feel hungry throughout the day and just ignore it. I know I have plenty of fuel and aside from some discomfort in my stomach, I otherwise feel great. Yesterday, driving home from the barn I drove past 6 fast food restaurants and holy crap I wanted a burger and fries. Yet I got home, had a pretty moderate workout- walked on trails and did body weight exercises and fine- plenty of energy. Post workout I felt a little spent but 90 calories of a small banana refilled that and I was fine until my dinner 4 hours later.

    So when does hunger stop lying to you? Personally I ignore it.... but I know we are "supposed" to eat when hungry- well, I'd be eating 12 times a day- my hunger comes and goes whether or not I eat. How much of the feeling of hunger is mental and how much is physical?
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    I have the same problem, I can never seem to feel full except after a huge meal. Even then, 30 mins later I'm craving for more. I just ignore it or try to do something to keep my mind off it. I've started to add a little more fat to each meal, which has helped a little bit.
    I'm curious to hear more on this.


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      Naaah... not as long as you don't feel sick. I also IF, and sometimes I feel hungry, sometimes not at all.
      I think it may be because the body needs some sort of nutrition if you keep feeling hungry..? It could be minerals (just salt perhaps), carbs, water or some vitamins.
      But it can be diffiult to find out exactly what it lacks, so variation to get all kind of nutrients and the quality of food is important.

      If I feel too weak, I will eat something primal and try listen to my bodys cravings for either carbs (sweet), fat, protein or salt. But some hunger will pass after a while (which I have learned by IF'ing) so I simply ignore it.
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        I think of hunger like a snooze alarm~ you know you have to get up, but not right this minute. Hunger reminds you to feed the body~ but not necessarily this instant. You need to go out hunting first! Or at least that's what Grok would have done


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          I was hungry ten years on primal type mini meals & always just ignored it. Look at your average daily calories and see if they are too low. Possibly add some from protein or fat to help reduce it.


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            Being hungry is neither good nor bad, it's just a physiological state where your body requires some nutrition. I bet Grok was hungry a lot of the time, and when he was he'd find some food. Assuming we're primally adapted and not diabetic or anything, I'm sure being hungry is perfectly normal. Sometimes Grok would be hungry and wouldn't find any food, so we're more than adapted for it


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              As long as you can continue to ignore the hunger, that means you are beating it, so it's no problem whatsoever IMO.

              It's only when the hunger becomes all-consuming and obsessive that you need to reassess what your are doing.
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                I like feeling hungry, as long as it doesn't come with a sharp drop in blood sugar. That subtle empty stomach feeling I have nowadays is not the same as the gnawing ache, jitters, crabbiness and headache I would get pre-primal. Now I can just be hungry, and get on with my day, and look forward to the next eating opportunity, especially if I know I have a tasty meal lined up. In the past I would be like OMG. Must eat now. Make that pain go away. Get me a cookie.

                I went through a phase of waiting for hunger way of eating about 8 years ago and I don't know why I ever stopped.

                What I've noticed about this primal way of eating is that being FULL feels different than pre-primal. Fullness seems to be a comfortable sensation higher up in my belly, in my stomach I guess, as opposed to an overstuffed bloated feeling in my whole abdomen. I had no idea I was bloated and gassy until I stopped being bloated and gassy! I no longer feel the need to lie down and unbutton.
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                  Anyone who is curious about hunger definitely needs to read this!
                  T NATION | A New Way to Eat


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                    I rarely feel hungry with this way of eating, I ate yesterday at 1pm, then didnt eat again until 1pm today, because I just didnt
                    feel hungry. My husband gets a bit grouchy because he things it cant be good for me to go 24 hours without eating, but surely if you are not hungry, there is no need to eat? When I do eat, I eat lots of eggs cooked in butter, bacon, maybe some fish. Yesterday I had bought a lovely sirloin steak for dinner, but after having no breakfast then eating 2 eggs scrambled with cream, 2 thin sausages and 2 bacon rashers, I couldnt face dinner!! Its fantastic!!


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                      To be honest, I feel that that ignoring hunger signals to that extent is borderline ED somehow. If you are so hungry that you'd cave in to some really poor food choices, I don't think you've really conquered hunger for real. This is why I'm still skeptical of caloric restriction and that it isn't really the answer, because it creates that kind of stress.

                      For me, fasting daily until dinnertime helps a lot with the hunger. If I eat lunch, I don't eat any carbs until dinner. My calorie deficit is probably along the lines of 300 calories daily, but I don't have any problems at all since my hunger signals aren't so strong, occurs maybe twice throughout the day, and the signal really does go away after a minute or two. I remember back on SAD when I did 60 min of cardio daily along with 1300-1400 calories, I would feel the kind of hunger you're describing like 2-3 hours before every single one of my meals.
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