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Carbs? Fiber? Exercise?

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  • Carbs? Fiber? Exercise?

    Hey Guys,
    I read the book and thought things were pretty simple but after reading around these forums I am pretty confused!
    I do a good bit of exercise and have a pretty good level of size and strength at around 10-12% BF. I'm currently 190 at 5'10" and my goal is 175.

    I'm doing well on 100g of carbs or less but I am wondering if I should add in a recovery shake after lifting. I'm also having some digestion issues where if I don't take Metamucil I seem to get a burning knot of pressure in my sternum area. Strangely enough I usually have to use the restroom 2-3 times a day which seems like a lot even without the extra fiber!

    I am on the road a lot for my business and I have been drinking a lot of diet soda (3-5 cans a day) which after reading I wonder if it may have messed with my flora and thus my digestion.

    I've also been tested many times and have low T, anxiety, and depression. I just got off lexapro and I am thrilled but my doctor wants me to do hormone replacement (I'm 36).

    I know this is a lot of info but I was hoping maybe someone here had faced similar situations and had been able to put all this info (sometimes contradictory) in order. As of the last 7 months I have been doing leangains and eating about 50-100g a day of carbs. No grains except on a cheat meal once a week or less.

    Thanks for any help or advice guys and gals.l

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    Wow, if you are having that frequent digestion problems.. first I recommend, cutting that cheat meal! At least make it gluten free. Second this almost sounds like a case that requires the GAPs diet. These gut problems are what is causing your anxiety and depression most likely.

    You REALLY need to read/listen to this.
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    Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs


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      Just saved it to Instapaper! Thanks!


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        Fix the gut. Skip the grain meal. Cheat with something else. Gotta get the diet soda thing under control too. I've had one of my kids on GAPS and can attest to it helping his stool (he was diarrhea multiple times/day, now normal with 1-2x/day....reducing the fruit, no startches and introducing the 24hr yogurt seemed to have largest effect for him).

        I'd start with that and do everything EXCEPT hormone replacement at this time to get my health back.


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          Thanks! I'll look at GAP diet. For the record no diahrea just high frequency.