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Fasting ruins teeth and dental bone?

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  • Fasting ruins teeth and dental bone?

    Okay...this might sound stupid but other than Ramiel's book "Cure Tooth Decay" I haven't found any other evidence that this is true so here is my question:

    Is it true that during orthodontic treatment ( I am currently undergoing dental treatment that includes widening of dental arch) that the body and especially the bones need more minerals than normal because new bone has to be built?
    Ramiel says in his book that fasting breaks down tissue (fats, amino acids, bone, etc), so not just fat tissue, and is therefor very bad for your teeth/bones if you're trying to actually build bone. I could end up with no new bone tissue, slow healing and a shift back into old positions quickly if I don't keep the nutrients coming 24/7?
    Everytime I do an IF (which is 2-3x a week for ~ 16-18 hours tops over night) and don't really feel like eating yet, I have Ramiel's words in the back of my head that I am currently destroying my dental arch and I just give in an find stuff to eat (primally of course).

    Because of this constant fear of not having enough nutrients or running 'dry', I keep the foods inc daily in excess.
    I want to get off this obsession about nutrients....gah!

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    This is such bullshit. Yes, fasting is catabolic, but it's largely catabolic to fat. It takes something like 72+ hours of no food before your metabolism starts to shut down and your body starts to consume protein and bone in lieu of fat. 16 hours seems to be about the magic number for fasting, and after that you start seeing the law of diminishing returns. Ideally, I fast 16-24 hours a day. The people that believe this are the same people that think if you don't eat 5-6 small meals a day your metabolism will crash and as soon as you eat any food it will be immediately stored as fat. If anything, studies have shown the opposite to be true and you're less likely to store fat eating all your calories in one or two sittings.

    If you want good teeth, avoid foods rich in phytic acid. That means grains, legumes, nuts, lots of cocoa know, eat meat, fruit and vegetables.
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      Oh this is a good question. I've read that women don't need to IF for so long to get the benefits, i.e. that 14 hours is enough. So perhaps you should cut down to that to minimise this risk.

      I imagine it would help drinking a quality mineral water while you fast.
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        Ah, thanks for the replies both of you.
        So I guess I'd be safe to fast up to 72 hours before protein and bone would be broken down to ruin my overall health.
        I run on high adrenals (not sure on correct spelling, first langauge isn't english), which means I burn through calories like crazy and not gain weight. This is why I've been so afraid to fast even though I could stand to lose about 5 lbs of extra flab.
        High adrenals/fast metabolism + fasting = disaster. Obviously not hte case.