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  • Elliot Hulse Meal Plan

    Has anyone else seen this video? Fat Burning & Muscle Diet Plan - YouTube

    He references fasting and a lot of other concepts brought up around these parts. One thing he doesn't mention is how to exercise around this program. Either way, the basic plan is:

    Two days low carb/high fat/high protein (primal/paleo basically) for anabolism and Growth Hormone, one day fasting, two days low carb/low fat/high protein for catabolism to burn fat, and one or two days of re-feeding with high carb/low fat/moderate protein.

    I know a lot of you here know more than me about GH, IGF, and all that jazz, so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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    Sounds pretty good on the surface. It can be done with Paleo foods I'm sure
    Primal since March 2011

    Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs


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      I've never heard him explicitly mention "paleo" or "primal", but in one video he told teens to go home and tell their moms to get rid of all the cookies and processed foods, and to only eat meat and veggies. haha

      In this particular video, he mentions Sally Fallon, Ori Hofmekler, and Weston A Price.
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        I do something like what Elliot is suggesting and it is AWESOME for shredding body fat. I don't lift heavy, I'm a girl, but Elliot's reloaded stuff is right on.