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My parents are constantly trying to feed me sugar and grains

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  • My parents are constantly trying to feed me sugar and grains

    Since I went paleo my parents (actually mainly my dad) is trying to feed me bread and sugar. I stopped taking bread with me to school and instead take some meat and egg or vegetables or whatever. At this point called me anorexic so I just started packing bread into my lunch again and just throw it away at school. But now he came home and bought a huge sugar bomb with whipped cream and chocolate. His intentions are nice so it's very hard to say "I don't want it". So now I have to wait until he leaves the house and I have to throw it away somewhere away from my house. This is really annoying to do this like everyday.
    My dad does not believe grains are unhealthy I tried to convince him already. Also I have had the discussion with him that I don't want to eat added sugars.

    Any advice?

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    Just explain to him that the food you eat is your choice not his, and that whatever these grains have in them that might be beneficial can be found in other food sources. Nobody needs grains and processed sugar to be healthy when they have meat, eggs, veggies, fruit, and seafood available. Just tell him that you respect the motivation behind what he's doing, but that you're making an informed choice to stay away from such food.
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      How old are you? This would make a difference in what kind of advice I would give.
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        Perhaps you could print off some articles about the effects of sugars and grains, and maybe print off some of the success stories from this website to read. He may be more convinced if he see's more evidence. It's difficult trying to have a different diet to your parents when you are living with them, because generally they are the people that buy all the food and cook all the meals.. but you shouldn't have to be so secretive :/ Best of luck to you.


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          It will be hard to resolve the grains are healthy argument but in what universe is a "sugar bomb" ever good for you....face palm.
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            In my universe a sugar bomb is very good for you. On your birthday, eaten at a restaurant where your bill for two people will be in the neighborhood of $200.
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              I'm sorry your parents didn't do their homework all these years. There's really nothing you can do except wait to move out.