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    When should one start cutting back their fat intake? Once your body is used to running on fat? Or does it not really matter? Or is more fat the better? I feel pretty confused about this!
    An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!

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    Dr Rosedale, a portion of Boston Speech at the Heinz Conference - YouTube


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      It just happened normally for me. Besides the amount of fat required to cook with, some nuts, the fat found naturally in meat, eggs and a bit of coconut milk I don't go crazy with the fat.

      As I built up my carb intake with fruits, vetetables like pumpkin and sweet potatoes etc, the fat intake decreased . If you fill up your plate with 200 calories of sweet potato you're naturally going to need less overall fat to satisfy you. Mark doesn't recommend staying in ketosis long term. You don't want to end up like those people who say they get nauseous if they have an ounce of potato with their dinner or a piece of fruit.


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        Yeah this is what is confusing to me! I know I am in ketosis a lot because I get the strange taste in my mouth every afternoon. I still eat berries, greens and dark chocolate so I'm not overly ridiculous about staying low carb, just trying to do what keeps me on track for the long run.

        I guess what my question is, is if there's a point when you're losing weight that you should cut back on the fat and go higher protein so your body will burn its own fat. I don't drink butter or anything, but I do eat eggs and butter every morning and I make sure to cook everything in butter or coconut oil, and my favorite treats are high fat dark chocolate (lindt 99%), coconut shreddings and avocados. If I am in ketosis, is the high-er fat diet limiting my loss?
        An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!


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          It's about calories in the end. If you are in ketosis and not losing then cut back on the fat.


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            and thank you for the video! It's always nice to see those with power sharing the truth

            I understand that fat wont "make me fat", but it is an energy source like any other. My body will burn the fat in my blood before it burns my own fat... or am I mistaken? I know that fat isn't kept in the cells for long when insulin isn't present, but it won't allow my own fat cells to burn if there's too much is my understanding.... or am I just wrong?
            An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!


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              some people do better with higher protein some need the carbs i definitely need the fat. i don't think there is a special rule for it.

              see how you feel, if you loose weight (if that's what you are after) and you feel great, why should you change anything?

              (the right) fats are healthy !

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                Yes the right fats are healthy but excess calories equals weight maintenance or gain. Not good if after fat loss.


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                  Dr. Eades has the clearest answer that I've read:
                  The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. » Low-carb and calories

                  Executive summary:
                  Although the lowered insulin and elevated glucagon open the doors to the fat cells allowing fat to come out to be burned, the fat comes out only if it’s needed. If you are meeting all your body’s energy needs with the food you eat, the body doesn’t need the fat in the fat cells. On a low-carb diet your body burns fat for energy. But it doesn’t care where this fat comes from; it can come from the diet or it can come from the fat cells or it can come from both. If you are consuming enough fat to meet all your body’s requirements, your body won’t go after the fat in the fat cells no matter how severely you restrict your carbs. You will burn dietary fat only and no body fat. And you won’t lose weight. It’s that simple.
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                    Originally posted by VTmeetsMontréal View Post
                    and thank you for the video! It's always nice to see those with power sharing the truth

                    I understand that fat wont "make me fat", but it is an energy source like any other.
                    Fat is not a fuel source like any other. It produces more ATP than glucose, and the ketone bodies byproduct can be used by the brain and the heart. Glucose does not produce usable byproducts.


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                      As much as you can, fat should replace carb calories. There is no need to cut back but rather the fat calories are counted in place of carbs- if counting is your thing of course.