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  • A little snack

    I decided to give my usual breakfast at 6:30 or 7:00 a miss and eat later at the office.

    So I'm looking what I've got around at work. There's macadamia nuts, 90% cocoa dark chocolate, and I have some double (heavy) cream in the fridge for my coffee. Ah! ha!

    So I ate some air dried ham and some fish eggs and then went for it ...

    A bowlful of cream. It was good quality organic stuff, not whipped or pre-treated at all, but so thick it was partially solid. In with a handful of macadamia nuts. Then break up a couple of squares of dark chocolate and sprinkle that over the top.

    I can imagine that macadamia and dark chocolate ice-cream would be a seller. This was a bit like that would have been -- only not sweet, of course.

    Anyway, I can heartily recommend that for a snack. And it seems to stay with you: later on I found had no particular interest in lunch and just had a piece of fruit.

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    Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing with us.
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