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Building Muscle - Pre work out meals

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  • Building Muscle - Pre work out meals

    Can someone tell if it's good to do pre workout meals.

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    My preWO meal is usually...

    1 cup coconut milk
    1 scoop whey protein powder
    1 serving BCAA
    1 serving Glutamine
    Primal (2013)
    Locavore (locally grown foods when possible)
    Training consists of Muay Thai, BJJ, weight training, and mountain biking

    Would like to be in good shape by my 36th Birthday (07-07-2013)


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      so you do a pre workout meal, how long do you wait?


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        Whether or not you should do pre-workout meals depends on two things, in my opinion. 1.) What kind of workout are you doing? and 2.) What are your goals?
        If you're doing sprints, metabolic conditioning, or other solely cardiovascular workouts, I would not recommend eating before a workout unless you will be too hungry to focus on the workout itself. I only do cardio 1-2 times a week and make it a point to schedule it in between meals (usually at about 6 p.m. so right before dinner) so that I'm not too hungry and can eat relatively soon after. If you're doing heavy lifting (barbell work, or extremely high-rep bodyweight exercises) I would eat a small snack 2 hours before. I find the best snacks to be something simple such as beef jerky, cottage cheese (if you do dairy), or fruit. If your goal is to simply lose fat (and if you have a lot of fat to lose) then I wouldn't worry too much about making yourself eat before a workout. As long as you are eating enough protein and nutrition throughout the day, muscle maintenance should be relatively easy without eating a pre-workout meal. If you're already at a moderate (average) body fat level (men: ~15-17%, women: ~22-23%) and just want to change your body composition then eating a pre-workout snack like mentioned above would probably be a good idea as long as you keep overall daily calories at a maintenance level or slight deficit. If your goals is strictly muscle gain and fat loss is not necessary than by all means, eat up before a lifting workout!


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          I do strength training 3 times a week. My goals are more muscle and alittle more cut.
          Currently I am about 166 -

          I do gymnastic rings, which is extremely difficult if you have never tried it and it does take alot of strength.

          I am feeling two things, one is that overall I am not eating nearly enough. I find myself STARVING!!!!
          My performance is starting to dip, not necessarily from over training but I feel, under nutrition.