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Issues balancing Omega6 and Omega3

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  • Issues balancing Omega6 and Omega3

    Hey folks,

    I am wondering how you guys balance your fatty acids. This balancing act is very important for me because I have been suffering from chronic inflammation due to sports injuries for 14 years. Ever since going primal things have started to improve, but I still have days where some spots "flare up". I am tracking my food using cronometer and am seeing that on some days my omega-6 intake goes up as high as 16-18 grams. That poses a bit of a problem as it is virtually impossible to improve the ratio unless I gobble up never ending amounts of wild salmon.

    However I do not snack on nuts and my primary source of beef is grass fed. Yet I am noticing that consumption of eggs, bacon, pork sausage, pumpkin seeds, olive oil and the occasional chicken almost always puts me way over.

    Mark recommended 5-6 grams of Omega-6. How is that possible? How does one get enough protein?

    It is also possible that the metrics used on cronometer are incorrect. For example I eat eggs from a local farmer and perhaps those numbers are not reflective in the PUFA count. Frankly, I have no idea what the o6:03 ratio is for pastured eggs.

    Anyway, just wondering what I can do to improve the ratio.

    P.S. I take a supplement that gives me 1g of omega-3.


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    I would suggest keeping a good supply of sardines and chia seeds, for starters. You can add chia to a lot of stuff, or just make a gel with water and a little citrus juice.


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      It's my understanding that you can/should overdo the three to six ratio if you're coming off a lifetime of inflammation and high omega-6. By that I mean if your body tissues already have a very high omega-6 content, it takes time to replace that tissue through your new diet. We can target 1:1 once we're healthy.

      So really just shoot for way more omega 3 and really cut out the omega 6. I think only a series of bloodwork can tell you exactly where you are, but Jack Kruse mentions a high tendency for cold brainfreeze as an indicator of high omega-6 tissue.
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        I guess my main problem is the cutting out of omega-6. Even by eliminating all vegetable oils and processed foods, I am still eating too much of it. How do you eat any pork/chicken or restaurant meats ant not get too much omega-6?

        I suppose I can eat salmon a bit more often.

        Marteen, can you elaborate on the cold brainfreeze a bit?

        What kind of bloodwork shows fatty acid composition?


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          Like when you drink a slurpee or eat ice cream too fast. Brainfreeze. Not that we consume either of those things anymore!

          "If you get a lot of brain freezes when you drink cold things this might signal you suffer with a high tissue omega six level."

          I feel like I read about what test can be performed in a doctor's office to measure fatty acid composition of your tissues, but I can't find it... sorry!!

          Meat, eggs, butter, and poultry from trusted farms are always going to have better fatty acid profiles than your supermarket fare. As for restaurants... yes that's a challenge. I don't have a good solution to that other than spending less time in restaurants. Perhaps ask your server to request your food to be cooked in butter instead of oil.

          Personally, I prefer to cook with macadamia oil over olive oil in almost every recipe. It's even great drizzled over salads cold. So that's another possibility for you. Also, you didn't mention which types of nuts/seeds you snack on other than pumpkin seeds (very high omega-6), but macadamias are going to be the lowest in omega-6 and they're the only nut I care to keep around.

          A Quick Guide to Edible Seeds | Mark's Daily Apple
          Nuts and Omega 6 Fats | Mark's Daily Apple

          Lastly, two fish oil pills per day might be better than one, but don't go overboard...
          Fish Oil Questions - Dosage | Mark's Daily Apple
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            Thanks for the links. NO I do not get brainfreezes, certainly not from water. I cook with grass fed butter/coconut oil/ghee. Pretty neutral as far as fatty acids go.

            I just hope my annoying inflammation goes away.

            Btw, I eat no nuts. On occasion i throw some in the big salad, but otherwise its ok.
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