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what's this crap about high fat meats causing fatty liver disease?...

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  • what's this crap about high fat meats causing fatty liver disease?...

    The hidden cause of unexplained weight gain may be poor liver function

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    The hidden cause of unexplained weight gain may be poor liver function


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      sorry gang..pasted the link twice and it shows the correct link until i hit submit, then it changes to that sentence. essentially the article said how high animal fat diets lead to fatty liver disease..


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        It's still the correct link, these forums just pull in the headline/SEO title of the link.


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          That's a lala article with bogus recommendations. Not worthy of discussion
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            that's what i thought... and thanks Nivanthe...if I had clicked on it, i would have seen it worked... :-)


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              Animal fats tend to contain toxic materials that were trapped by the animals body. When we ingest these fats the toxins are released in the liver where they have the ability to cause damage, inducing poor liver function.
              I don't know that I can argue with this point too much, at least as it relates to "conventionally raised" meat. That's why the recommendation is to go organic/pastured/naturally raised OR to go conventional, but trim the fat and then supplement with other "safe fats" which won't have the toxin issues, such as grass fed butter or ghee, pastured tallow, etc.

              Also, the article mentions artificial sweeteners as a culprit. What it doesn't mention is that the list of "artificial sweetener" should include HFCS as high content of fructose bypasses the digestive system and goes directly to the liver. It also neglects to mention that Sucrose and most Fruit Juices have the same problem.

              The other item it mentions is the over use of Rx and OTC drugs and who here disagrees with that? The article even recommends:
              seek a holistic health professional who can assist with eliminating the underlying cause(s) of your condition which would eliminate the need for the medication.
              Again...what's to argue here?

              So, other than not completely covering the gamut of sweeteners which can affect liver functionality, what exactly did this article get wrong?
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                yes, you're right....commercial is much different than grass fed of course...just like the red meat media scare that came out a couple of weeks ago...!


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                  Back in my sugar fiend days, my liver enzymes starting getting really jacked up and my doc suggested NAFLD.
                  She also recommended cutting out all saturated fats. It's a good thing I did my research because I massively increased my saturated fat intake while cutting out sugar/grains, which dropped my AST/ALT back into the normal range very quickly.

                  From my N=1, I call B.S. on this.


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                    i love how they don't mention fructose as a cause of NAFLD.

                    also, while i'm not advocating conventionally raised meat, these animals do have livers, i'm not entirely convinced that you're eating the amount of toxins this article would have you think. i still hedge my bets and always by hormone & anti-biotic free if i'm getting CAFO stuff.


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                      I agree with tim_1522. The article only mentions animal fats, not meat. The section on animals fats is short compared to the bit on artificial sweeteners which we all know is the devil himself.

                      BTW, could that naturalnews site HAVE anymore ads in the sidebar, geez.