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Aspirin Prevents Cancer?

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  • Aspirin Prevents Cancer?

    I saw this today. I don't think any of us will be adding a daily aspirin to our primal ways, but just curious on your thoughts. Does anyone have any insight? They don't give any mention to a possible mechanism.

    Not pertaining to cancer, but I remember reading a few months ago that the anti-clotting effect was due to the aspirin damaging the blood cells and that they remain damaged until replaced.

    This piece almost makes it seems like cancer is caused by aspirin deficiency. (sarcasm)

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    I can't watch the video right now so I don't know if they go into this, butI wonder if that could be related to it's metabolism into salicylic acid which is found in all sorts of awesome foods.

    From Salicylic Acid Foods | LIVESTRONG.COM

    Fruits containing very high (greater than 1mg) in salicylic acid include blueberries, blackberries, raisins, dates, guava and apricots. Fruits with a relatively high amount of salicylic acid (between 1/2mg and 1mg) include fresh avocados, cherries, red grapes, fresh mandarin and tangelos, and Granny Smith apples.

    Many vegetables are plants that naturally contain salicylic acid. Those containing the largest amounts are green peppers, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, radishes and chicory. Broccoli, cucumber, spinach, fava beans, sweet potatoes and alfalfa sprout also contain a high amount of salicylic acid.

    Almonds are the only nut containing at least 1mg salicylic acid. Peanuts also contain over a milligram per serving but are not technically a nut (they are a bean). Pine nuts, pistachios and macadamia nuts contain a relatively high amount (between 1/2mg and 1mg per serving).

    Herbs and Seasonings
    Seasonings can often contain high amounts of salicylic acid. Canella, dry dill, oregano, hot paprika, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, mustard, curry and vegemite are good sources of the acid.


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      Way too many other side effects of a daily aspirin regime that I would never even consider it.
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        Originally posted by activia View Post
        Way too many other side effects of a daily aspirin regime that I would never even consider it.
        Oh of course not. I consider it antithetical to everything we have going on here.
        I'm just curious if any confounding variable type arguments come to mind, the way they were pointed out in the Red Meat Scare Study.

        DaisyEater's salicylic acid idea makes some sense. Of course we'd be much better off eating fruits and vegetables. Wait...we do!


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          doesn't it work as an antiflammatory thing? surely the only reason it might help prevent cancer is to mask a poor, inflammatory diet
          i certainly won't be adding it to my diet
          If man made it, don't eat it


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            Medscape: Medscape Access

            An analysis of data from the Nurses' Health Study, published in the Jan. 7 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, suggests that regular use of aspirin for 20 years or more is associated with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer.
            As part of the Nurses' Health Study, beginning in 1980, 88,378 women completed biennial questionnaires, including items about aspirin use. Of these women, 34% were current regular aspirin users, defined as consumption of two or more 325 mg aspirin tablets weekly, and 66% consumed fewer than two tablets weekly...compared with women who regularly consumed fewer than two aspirin tablets per week, women with more than 20 years of regular aspirin use had a 58% increased risk of pancreatic cancer."
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              I've tried to cut all Rx and OTC medication out since I've discovered Primal, but you know what?

              If I'm in "need" of relief from a headache or other ache/pain that I can't just manage with non-medication approaches, I think aspirin is probably the best of the choices out there to go with (assuming one does not have known issues with it) and may have some stray/side benefits from occasional usage.

              Like many other things out there, the "solutions" to fix the "problem" of using aspirin (acetaminophen, ibuprofin, naproxein, etc.) seem to cause more problems than they solve.

              But, no, I'm not going to go on a daily low dose regiment as prescribed by a lot of doctors to "avoid a heart attack."
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