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How bad is cream in your coffee?

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  • How bad is cream in your coffee?

    I just completed a whole 30 and the HARDEST thing was no cream in my coffee in the morning. There is something that is just soooo satisfying about the coffee with cream morning ritual. Anyways, wondering what everyone's thoughts are...I know paleo doesn't allow dairy but primal seems to be more lenient. Whats the story? (p.s. I don't find that I have any lactose issues at all).

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    Well, Robb Wolf is big in the Paleo Movement, and he takes heavy cream in his coffee. And, as you say, Primal has a more nuanced view of dairy products. I'd go for it. I do. :-)


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      on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being world-endingly horrible, and 1 being children and puppies, i give it a 1.5.

      don't sweat it, especially if you have no lactose issues, and you've cut it out before to no great benefit.


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        There's probably more wrong with the coffee than the cream.
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          Probably not something to worry about as long as it's well sourced, high-fat (low Lactose = milk sugar) stuff, and in small quantities, I wouldn't sweat it unless you start having intolerance issues that you can isolate back to it.

          If you are really wanting to do a "Pure" Whole 30, then you could try using Coconut Milk instead. I did that for a long time before switching full time to Bulletproof Coffee (which has butter, so not for a Whole 30, either) and I found the taste to be very good and it also seemed to provide me with some decent appetite suppression.

          And, yes, as other people have alluded to here, I'm looking at my coffee and trying to find better sourced stuff as well.
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