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    I definitely get the whole "where does my workout fit into my crazy life" insanity. Don't stress - just find time whenever you can, and remember that it adds up - you don't have to do an hour long session, you can just do a few minutes here and there throughout the day. You might even let your kids get in on it... "Mommy, why are you on the floor?" "I'm doing push-ups, sweetheart." One time I broke out a set of ten in between classes at one of my schools, and the kids all thought it was really funny and started counting for me. Then... haha, they all got a bit intimidated when I got up to "seven... eight... nine! teacher, nine! OH, TEACHER, TEN!" The boys even got down to do some with me.

    I know this isn't what you want to hear, but seriously, don't stress, don't despair, it'll happen.

    As far as your diet goes, still not seeing a lot of fats in there (nuts? animal fats like butter/bacon?). But if you're getting full on one plate instead of seconds or thirds, that's already a step forward since you're cutting your calories in half or better. If you're in this for the long haul, the slower the weight-loss takes, the longer it will last (and the longer the pounds will stay off).

    Icarian is right, as well - starting weight and total goal make a ton of difference, as does body comp and height/age. It's a distinct possibility that you are already losing fat and gaining muscle just from your appetite change, so allow for that as well and get a body comp when you can.
    If you want to reach the end of the trail, first you must find the beginning.
    If you want to be strong enough to walk the trail, trust your feet.
    If you want to go fast, go alone - if you want to go far, go together.

    6'0" white female, age 24
    Pre-paleo: 247.8 lbs
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    Goal: 199.9 (and to rock a two piece bathing suit surfing in Costa Rica this November!)


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      I've been reading some good advice on this post from people who obviously have learned a lot about some of these stumbling blocks. And they're right. Ditch the scales. They're not even just neutral. They are a definite negative and should be discarded. Well, standing on them veeeeeeery infrequently like once a month might be OK.

      Here's my experience last year when I started working out (not really necessary to lose weight, of course) and trying to figure out the fat loss thing, I knew enough at that point to know that you can lose fat, gain muscle, and not see the scales move.

      Why? Because if a cup of fat weighed 1 lb., how much do you think a cup of muscle would weigh? If you guessed 5 lbs. you would be correct because, for the same volume, muscle is 5 times heavier than fat. Gaining muscle is a VERY GOOD THING. More muscle will stimulate your bones to grow stronger and help prevent osteoporosis. They also make it easier to do whatever physical tasks you have to do. More bone weighs more too and that's a good thing. If you're a woman, don't worry. Your hormones won't let you put on the kind of big muscles that a man might be able to. But they will get stronger.

      So, knowing this, I decided that I wouldn't weigh myself, but I would do a more important measurement. Every day when I get up I measure my waist at the bellybutton. That's where my fat protrudes the most. Over a month or so, I lost about 10 cm. (4 inches) and when I finally weighed myself, guess how much weight I had lost. If you guessed none, then you would be right. But how could that be? Lose 10 cm but no weight loss. Because I was increasing my lean muscle mass at the same time. A very good thing. So, please don't concern yourself with "losing weight" but rather with achieving a healthy percentage of body fat. From when I started a year ago, mine has gone down from 28% to 23%.

      It's very unfortunate that the wrong words are practically hard-wired by pervasive social conditioning into all of us. Those words are "weight loss." Even the very best doctors that I respect the most can't break the habit of saying weight loss. But the goal isn't "weight loss." It's "fat loss" down to a healthy % of body fat -- 18% to 28% for women and 10% to 20% for men.

      I've done the neurotic weighing myself all the time routine. You know, weigh yourself before working out and then weigh yourself again after the workout. Don't do it. Make a promise to yourself to NOT weigh yourself any more often than once a month. But DO take out the tape measure and take the same measurement every morning. Then you can observe and track the much more important measurement -- the recession of your body fat.

      Another suggestion that I think is a good idea is to take a pic of yourself undressed (or nearly so) once a week, so you can look back and see the transition in your appearance over time.

      PS. Remember, you should scale back on weighing yourself.
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        Originally posted by rkd80 View Post
        What about exercise? I am not seeing that anywhere. How about sprinting once a week?
        What he said.

        Plus where is your strength training and playing?

        Being primal is not a diet it is a way of living.
        Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
        Don't forget to play!


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          Originally posted by SugarBritches View Post
          So glad you posted this! Like the OP, I'm also really bummed about not losing and my perfectionist mentality had me ready to quit. ...And I have lost an inch from my waist...
          This is, and will always be, more important than what the scales say.

          Weight isn't bad if it's larger muscles that are causing it.
          Meat is Prized, Wheat is Despised.

          Real Food - The REAL staff of life


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            Originally posted by Joara View Post
            Typically in the morning I have two egg muffins and a fruit smoothie. The last two mornings I skipped the smoothie and had 3 muffins. They had egg, spinach, tomato and sausage. At college I get a salad using pineapple juice instead of ranch. Dinner varies, baked chicken and vegetables, baked pork chop and veggis, baked ham. No pasta, no rice, small portions of potatoes though. Very limited milk and cheese. Also no grains or bread. This has been my diet for the last week. I get full on one plate now instead of seconds and even thirds like I use to so I do see that difference. I only drink water now....and occasionally a starbucks white chocolate for all the vitamins (and great flavor lol).

            I try to walk at least 3 days a week, being in school and taking care of two kids in school kinda cramps my workout options.

            What next?
            Are the "egg muffins" like little crustless quiches, or are they, uh, muffins? The smoothie is likely high in sugars (even if it's just naturally-occuring sugar in fruit), plus what else is in it? Pineapple Juice = high in sugar. Some potatoes. Add all of that up, and it wouldn't surprise me if you were well over 150g of carbohydrate in a day.

            I recommend you use fitday or a similar tracker for a few days to see what you are hitting. You may not need to go into ketosis/VLC, but if you are currently north of 150g of carbs, scaling it back by about 30-40% --- shooting for that sweet spot of 50-100 --- may get things moving in the right direction.

            Also, as others have said, what you eat is only a portion of a healthy lifestyle. Find a way to get more slow movement in, work on your stress and sleep, etc. etc.

            Good luck!
            “If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea” -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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              I'm not a fan of tracking food for the rest of your life, but if you truly think you are eating all of the right things (ditch the Starbucks and any canned shakes), then tracking can be a useful tool.

              I like LiveStrong (good database, super simple smartphone app), but everyone has their favorite. As you enter foods into your food log, make sure that the data is correct because a lot of data is entered by other member that may not have a clue what they're doing.

              If I'm doing things right (for me), the majority of my calories (60%) will come from fat, then a bunch (25%?) from protein and the remainder (15%?) from carbs. Your mileage may vary.