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Confused about the leptin reset?

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  • Confused about the leptin reset?

    So far I've heard that this will help two things for me, my weightloss and my libido.

    But even with the various guides around the place, I'm still a bit confused.

    Check my facts for me:

    As to what to eat, PB/Paleo is good. What about things that are borderline, such as dairy?

    Breakfast is important and needs to contain lots of protein.

    No snacking.

    Two to three meals a day.

    3-5 hours between dinner and bedtime.

    If I follow these guidelines will I achieve what I want to, or am I missing a crucial element?

    It will be different to go back to eating breakfast, currently I fast from dinner until lunch, and only eat between 12 and 7. If this seems to work for me, is a leptin reset necessary?
    Starting weight: 90kg (11/3/13) (33.1 BMI)
    Current weight: 89.5kg (12/3/13) (32.9 BMI)
    Goal weight: 75kg (27.5 BMI)
    Short term goal: BMI under 30
    Mid term goal:
    40 pushups, 100 situps, 10 pullups, 10.1 beep test, >10m 2.4km run
    Long term goal: Enlist as an ARA Combat Engineer

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    I'm starting to think it's a load of crap and it's just a marketing tool. There's science there yes, but it seems to me like just following a healthy primal diet has the same result.
    SW175ish GW140 CW157

    height 5'6"

    Official for real start date 1/10/12


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      Marketing what, Drea? It's free. No supplement sales links, no food sales links, no fancy equipment. And with all due respect to our host here, you and I are communicating in the forum of a marketing website. Think about that.

      Skepticism is good. But outright calling it bullshit after freaking out about fat intake and not understanding how even THAT basic interaction really works, well...that's a bit hasty.

      And can you tell me why 4 eggs and 6 slices of bacon for breakfast is NOT healthy for an obese 30 year old woman?


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        forget the woo-science behind resetting one hormone in your body. the practical suggestion of eating a large, protein and fat filled breakfast, eating no snacks, abstaining from alcohol and limiting carbs for a short duration is a good strategy for certain people that are way out of touch with their bodies and their diets. it's just that it's cloaked in hocus-pocus crap.


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          uh for one, I'm not obese so if you are referring to me thanks, for that. For two, while yes I agree fat is your friend - if it gets to the point of gagging on your breakfast and tasting grease for an hour after and just feeling gross that can't be healthy for anyone. Maybe marketing wasn't the right word - but it seems to be a twist of the same primal logic. Maybe it works for some people, I just don't think it's the only way to put yourself into ketosis.
          SW175ish GW140 CW157

          height 5'6"

          Official for real start date 1/10/12