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Ratio of macronutrients for weight loss (esp. women)?

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    Everyone may need a calorie deficit to lose weight but the inverse, that a calorie deficit will result in weight loss, is not always true. I really think sometimes you need more calories so that you can have more energy so you can be more active so you can burn more calories so you can have a calorie deficit.

    Anyway, for me early on a really low carb high fat macro ratio worked well. Recently I'm happy with fairly low carbs (within Mark's weight loss range) but more protein.

    Edit: more protein than I was getting thus far.
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      Originally posted by @lex View Post
      There's no magic macro-nutrient ratio that's optimal for all humans. The best thing you can do is eat a diet based on real foods, and use something like the carb curve mark came up with as a starting point. As time goes on, tweak your diet to find a ratio that works for you. If you listen to the opinions of every expert and diet guru on the internet you'll end up being an orthorexic mess that tries to derive sustenance from sunlight and love energy.


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        Originally posted by sarahmasteller View Post
        "This" doesn't mean much. You don't need to know much about calories out if you control calories in. And, guess what, if you are obese, yes, you'll basically need to starve yourself to continue losing weight.