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Low carb PWO shake for leaning whey?

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  • Low carb PWO shake for leaning whey?

    Sorry if this has been answered 101 times. I did a general search and found somethings SORT of similar but not totally the same question I go...

    5'3, 183lbs started paleo 6 weeks ago and I'm down about 16lbs without being TOO strict so I set a goal for myself to try to be more disciplined (i.e. just because its 'paleo' (meat and its not breaded) doesn't make it good for you!) and see how much I can lose in the next 4 weeks with more diligence. I've definitely got a LOT of fat to lost still so that is my focus. I do exercise though- grok workouts and a lot of body weight movement stuff like Gillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (yea yea I know) and I also commute via bike (move slowly a lot/play) around Toronto, but I have dropped my "chronic cardio" habits.

    I'm going back through old Robb Wolf podcasts and in Episode 9 (about 29min mark) Rob says not to use whey protein for a post work out meal if you're trying to lean out because it causes more of an insulin spike. He didn't say what to use in place and that is what I'm searching for now. I really enjoy the whey protein shake with spinach & blueberries because it's convenient and easy to stomach right away after the workout in the AM. I'm thinking maybe I'd try to switch to egg white powder and make it with coconut milk to add some good fats I on the right track or can anyone give me any more input for this? Or perhaps link me to this topic if it has already been discussed to death?

    Much appreciated!

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    If your goal is to lose body fat I wouldn't worry about a post workout shake, to be honest.
    Unless your doing really intense workouts that deplete the glycogen stored in your muscles and liver, you probably get more benefit from not eating for a couple of hours before and after a workout.

    Even if you're trying to pack on muscle, your body is in a heightened state for utilising food for muscle repair/growth for 24 to 36 hrs after working out, so there's no real rush, just eat your next meal
    There may be a very small benefit to muscle growth to taking in some quickly absorbed protein within an hour of training, but it wouldn't be noticeable, or worth the cost/hassle for most of us.
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    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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      Thanks Misabi, I appreciate it! I was also curious about just that- how intense/long a work out needs to be to really justify a PWO shake actually. I think it just became a convenient/fast breakfast for me in the mornings when I worked out first thing and generally I don't eat anything before hand. Maybe I'll experiment with no shakes/PWO and just go for my meal and see what happens.