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Fat intake & protein correlates with BF?

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  • Fat intake & protein correlates with BF?

    I recently started eating primal (yay) and after reading a lot of posts, I was wondering if eating more fat = more efficiency at BF loss? And I've been trying to eat at least .7-1g of protein for every lb (70-100g for me) even though sometimes I go over even though my ratios are pretty consistent with 60F/30P/10C Will the extra protein affect BF? What have you guys experienced with yourselves? I know everyone's bodies' work differently, but I'm just trying to get a general idea so I can know whether I should up the fat or lower the protein. Thanks

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    Well how are your results right now? I definitely would not lower protein intake. Generally if carbs are very low 1.75g/kg is the recommendation. But I wouldn't worry about protein affecting fat loss generally...

    Too many carbs, calories, and even fat would affect fat loss. Your ratio looks fine from what I see, but as you said everyone is different.

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