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For Anybody That Is Feeling Despondent.

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  • For Anybody That Is Feeling Despondent.

    I started eating primal on 5th January, because I wanted to lose weight. Over the last 11 weeks, I have lost 24lbs. However I am now on my 2nd 2 week plateau, the same pound is coming off and going back on again!

    So yesterday I was feeling a bit despondent myself, and decided to measure myself. I had lost another 1.5" from my waist and another 2" from my stomach, in the last 10 days!!
    So that is a total of 7.5" from my waist, 7.5" from my stomach, 6" from my hips, 7" from my chest!!
    I have gone from a size 20 top to a size 16, and size 18 bottom to a 14, that is UK sizes.
    Yesterday I went through my jeans, and threw all of my size 16s out!

    On top of all this wonderfullness, my severe menopausal symptome (night sweats etc) have completely disappeared, and I was told on Sunday that I am looking younger every day! My skin is glowing, dark bags under my eyes have gone. My energy levels are soaring, and I am so happy!!

    So dont be despondent, just because those nasty old scales arnt giving the right message, your body will!

    My husband is looking slightly worried these days, that "complete new wardrobe of clothes" he has been promising me for about 15 years is looking like a sure thing now! (Only joking, he is also losing inches as a rate of knots, and is delighted!) very happy primal girl!

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    Congratulations! great to hear of your success.


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      That's great to hear! Congratulations to you both.
      Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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