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Day 1 and a few questions

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  • Day 1 and a few questions

    Hello all, I am a 40 year old female, 68" tall and my wt this a.m. was 167.8. I am in fairly decent shape even with the extra 15-25 lbs I'm currently carrying. I was a Certified Personal Trainer for over 12 years and have been out of that field for the past 2 yrs---and my fitness/nutrition levels have certainly decreased. I'm finally ready to make the move to get my fitness and nutrition back on track. I recently discovered Primal eating and just finished reading the 21 day transformation. I started today. I am wondering what's the deal with rice--long grain, brown---is this a yes or no for primal eating? If I read Primal Blueprint, will I learn anything more than I did reading 21 day transformation. I look forward to what this new life will bring and hearing from some of you that have been living it for a while. Thanks

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    On the rice- generally, No. There are some of us who do enjoy a small bit of rice on occasion. Sushi, for example. I am a fan of Basmati rice, personally, and require it when eating Indian food. Mark does have some posts here somewhere discussing rice that you may want to look up.

    I think you may find that the Primal Blueprint covers some things more in depth than the 21-Day Transformation. It would be handy to have.

    Living Primal is excellent as long as you don't listen too much to the forum. Here, like anywhere else there are fads and a whole lot of bandwagons. There's a lot of debate over a lot of things, ranging from carb counts, quinoa, dairy, potatoes, more fat, less fat, nuts, no nuts, fruit, no fruit... I could go on and on. Ignore all that and just figure out what works best for YOU.


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      Generally the Primal approach will avoid rice altogether for most people, but if you are active and insulin sensitive white rice is acceptable. It's considered preferable to brown, and I believe Basmati would be better than Jasmine within the white category (lower GI).

      Here's a post on the main site about Rice.

      I haven't read the 21 day transformation, so I can't comment on the differences.