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Dizziness, nausea when I don't eat?

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  • Dizziness, nausea when I don't eat?

    Hello --
    Food question:

    I've been primal for two months now (usually a forum lurker). I'm 5' 7" and 122 pounds (lost 13 since January) and 25 years old. My husband is doing this with me and fasts all the time and feels great while doing it. I find if I try to skip dinner or even don't eat enough dinner, I get nauseous and a little dizzy. So I eat and I feel better.
    I'm thinking maybe it's too few calories during the day? I'm not trying to lose any more weight, but I thought a major perk of this was that you don't get the low-blood-sugar-super-hungry shakes anymore. I was looking forward to not carrying a snack in my purse.

    Here's yesterday, a day when I felt woozy:
    Breakfast: Big bowl of veggies
    Lunch at noon: Lettuce-wrapped chicken breast (chopped with hotsauce, cheese, two chicken wings, handful of nuts, apple
    Dinner at 5 p.m. to stop the icky-woozy feeling. I wasn't planning to eat until 6 p.m.: 2 eggs, carrots, beef sausage, frozen blueberries

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I think you need more fat early in the day.
    Lost the weight using CW. Now I just want to be healthier.
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      I would add some kind of protein and good fat to your breakfast, if I were you.
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        Sounds good, I'll definitely boost my breakfast and see what happens. Thanks!


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          I used to feel like that in the beginning too. Now my breakfast is 3 eggs with veggies as an omelet and a small bowl of coconut milk with berries. This combo has made me feel so much better and now I can intermittent fast. Technicallly I eat that "breakfast " meal at 2pm now and I'm still losing weight.


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            Originally posted by ljq309 View Post
            I think you need more fat early in the day.
            As over done as the "add more fat" response is, I agree. lol. Try eating almonds in the morning. I just eat fruit and nuts for breakfast because I couldn't be bother cooking.


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              I've been hypoglycemic my whole life, I feel your pain. I have found that what works best for me is to have a protein and fat heavy breakfast. I can even skip lunch easily on that. But if I had a plants-only breakfast, I'm sure I would have the same problem as you. I have to eat more of my fat and protein for the day in the morning, and most or all of my carbs in the evening.

              It also looks like you simply might not be getting enough to eat. Track your calories for a couple days and see what you're actually taking in, then try increasing it slightly and see if you feel better.

              Hope that helps! I hate that weak, shaky feeling!