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Confused about meat vs. dairy

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  • Confused about meat vs. dairy

    Need Help with this one folks!!

    I have been an avid reader of MDA for quite some time now, plus plenty of my own research around the importance of high fat and low carb diets. I have read the vegetarian myth and have changed my lifestyle and eating habits according to what I have learned. I was recently asked the other day from a close friend, "why should I eat meat, I get my fats from dairy and coconut and other non meat sources?" I could not answer the question. If they have the fat intake in their diet then they can absorb all the vitamins and minerals and they are getting all the omegas and important fatty acids are they not?

    Any thoughts?

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    You can get by on dairy, meat is not absolutely necessary for health. Especially if you eat dairy and eggs. I just don't think it's optimal.
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      In what sense is not optimal? Or maybe this is just not an argument I should get into with my vegetarian friends? I suppose they have made their decisions and I have made mine, but is there nothing that meat offers that other fatty sources do not?


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        Well, from a anthropological standpoint, dairy was introduced much later to human consumption than meat. This would suggest that the human species as a whole may not be able to digest/extract nutrients from it as efficiently and/or have other issues.

        And, wouldn't you know it? A lot of people seem to have issue with dairy. For those people there's a *big* difference between meat and dairy. Under the PB, if you can handle dairy, then eat the best quality dairy that you can. Another issue is that many people will see weight gain if too much of their diet is from dairy. This is most often attributed to the fact there is Lactose (literally milk sugar) in dairy, which can cause an insulin response and in the presence of the fat in dairy cause fat to be stored excessively instead of being utilized as energy -- again, people's reactions to this here are varied.

        The biggest "plus" that meat has going for it is that when obtained from quality sources it is a very nutrient and protein dense source of food that has very few (especially compared to other food sources) anti-nutrient components that are known to cause issues in a majority of the human population. As with anything, there are always exceptions.
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          Dairy doesn't work for some people.


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            It depends where they are getting the dairy from. If its from grass fed pasture raised cows and they are consuming raw dairy than it could have a lot of health benefits. If its pasteurized conventional low fat milk then no. I'm unsure of the amount of B12 in dairy... If they consume raw milk, make their own kefir, get pasteurized butter... and eat lots of eggs then they are doing pretty well. They would need to consume a lot of it tho... They aren't going to get the health benefits of organs, or bone broth. They also aren't going to get a lot of iron or B12!
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              Thanks very much for your replies on this. My friends and I eat mostly local and organic as we are part of the sustainable food movement here in Canada. It's good to know that they will be healthy with their diets, however you have sparked an interest in me to look into the effects of dairy and in particular lactose on the human body.


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                I just don't think it's optimal


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                  Here's the Whole9 Life Dairy Manifesto for what it's worth.


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                    Because you don't eat meat simply for the fat content.
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