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  • Grains

    I just read an article grains on the website of Clarence Bass. The info presented was from a 1981 book Jane Brody's Nutrition book. This info is very old, and I would hope that we've learned a lot more about the pros & cons of grains since then!? Why do so many current nutritionist still advocate grains?? I understand why the gov. might do that, but independant Dr's & LDN's can simply follow the facts, wherever they lead, and advise their patients accordingly. The issue of whether grains are good for you seems to be one that will continue to be a battle for years to come! I guess at the end of the day, all you can do is either eat them as you always have, or stop eating them, and see for yourself if you feel any better from NOT eating them.

    Also, this article US News & World Report Ranks 25 Diets was interesting, stating that a Paleo diet was rated as one of the worst, primarily because of the ommission of grains.

    I guess old habits are very hard to let go....
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