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  • confused about legumes

    I am really confused about legumes. I understand why we should avoid soy and maybe peanuts but not about other legumes. I was first pointed in the direction of paleo or primal eating when I decided to try the 4-hour body plan. That was the first time I had managed to get off of grains and sugars and I LOVED the affects. I effortlessly lost about 20 pounds and felt so much better than I had in years. At the time I was eating beans, mainly kidney and black beans, with at least 2 meals each day. When my husband told me I should check out paleo I thought it sounded a lot like what I was already doing except for the weekly cheat day and the legumes. I would love to go completely primal but I am having trouble getting past the carb cravings and am not really sure why legumes are such a no no. I've found some people saying that all legumes are bad and some saying that some are ok but definitely no soy or peanuts. I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me why I should completely cut legumes out of my diet, especiallly since I like to use them in chili and some soups.

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    Instead of legumes, eat fruit/sweet potatoes/root vegetables for your carbs.

    Basically legumes have some of the same anti-nutrients found in grains. Soaking gets rid of some of the anti-nutrients but not all of them.

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